how about them Heat?

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how about them Heat?

offensively they looked great but their defense was not good at all but you have to be happy when three players get at least 20 points how do you like them going forward?

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i think the biggest ? is....

i think the biggest ? is.... How often will we see that jermaine oneal? If its often well expect more of what you saw last night. If its every 3rd gm like last season, then dont get too excited.. wait n see approach i guess.

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How bout em!

Beasley looked good last night also! He's poised for a breakout season with all the adversity he's dealt with this past season, he is still the same cat who was killing the NCAA as a freshman!

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yeah he loose little weight and looks really faster, i like it!

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Looked very good. Wade

Looked very good. Wade didn't have to force as uch and Oneal looked healthy. But the Knicks are one of the worst teams in the league, so let's not get too excited.

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Beasley 3 rebounds??????

Yeah I was impressed that Wade had more help in the scoring department, but is anyone else disturbed that playing against the Knicks and starting at POWER forward Beasley was only able to grab 3 rebounds??? I remember him at K-State leading the country in rebounds, and I thought that this guy will grab an easy 10 rebounds per game as soon as he steps on the court in the NBA. I still love Beasley and I think he will be great, but I wish he would step up and rebound the ball a lot better

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When they get confidence is good, and stop with the arrogant words: Knicks defence. Step Up.

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sup bird

d-wade for mvp!

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