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okay lets pretend for a second your lebron. and the cavs dont win the title. and your getting ready for the 2010 free agency. you have teams like the knicks and nets after you. and you also have your team wanting to resign. you go to new york to visit. they tell you . you can win on the big stage and add more to your resume with a ring. you also hear nike telling you to go to new york. then after that visit you go to new jersey and you know your boy jay-z is gonna beg for you to sign. plus cleveland is in the back they can offer you the most money, plus its your hometown team and you have a family now.
now the knicks just sign amare to a contract, meanwhile the cavs are waitin on you. so they bring in some talent to go with you,
they go after bosh but he ends up resigning with the raptors. and wade stays in miami. so they sign craig smith and joe johnson. big z retires. shaq comes back one more year. delonte west gets traded. mike brown is fire. and they bring in avery johnson.
so what do you do
A.Go to the knicks where they have a nice young core with amare, chandler, gallinari, hill, douglas
with a uptempo system that fits you so well. plus you play on a bigger stage and market.
B.Go to nets- where you could play with harris, lee and lopez, plus playing in brooklyn is a big look for you.

Or C. Resign with the cavs , keep on trying to compete for a title while playing in your hometown.

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These scenarios are crazy, but I guess I'll go with it...I really think he needs to bring a Title to Cleveland and if he does, he'll stay, but since you say they won't win...I think he should just say screw it and go to Brooklyn. They got a Nice Young Core and could be real solid and got the Cap Space meanwhile...I don't know how Cavs have the money to bring in Joe Johnson, but him and Mo would be amazing with Shaq and LeBron, doubt it happens. I still woulnd't give New York much thought, fast pace tempo just doesn't win and their core isn't as good as Nets (Lee, Lopez, T-Will, CDR, Yi, Boone, and Harris)

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I keep hearing there won't

I keep hearing there won't be a team in Brooklyn, they do have the better young core. Not sure why everyone is so high on T-Will and CDR what have they proven. Lopez and Harris their legit studs definately. If the Cavs get Joe Johnson and Craigh Smith then he'll probably resign but you stil have no pg to set up plays. Mo WilIiams is really a SG, the Cavs still need a PF who can hit some shots to keep defenses honest. Joe Johnson probably resigns with the Hawks anyway.

Its A or C

Gut feeling he signs with the Knicks

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A- Knicks.  LeBron playing

A- Knicks.  LeBron playing in MSG just seems like a good fit.

As long as Shaq/Big Z is starting at Center & Varejao is starting at PF the Cavs are not going to win it all.  LeBron needs to go to New York, even the Nets would be better than Cleveland in the long run. 

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