Roddy Beaubois=Rajon Rondo?

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Roddy Beaubois=Rajon Rondo?

I say no. Alot of people compare him Rondo because he's explosive and has long arms, but outside of that they aren't similar at all. I say he has the potential to be like Tony Parker, but no one ever agrees. Am I the only one that doesn't see the Rondo comparison very much.

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I agree with you, yes,

I agree with you, yes, theres the length and explosiveness....and i also think they look alike, but I see more Parker than anyone.

But dont take my opinion too far, seeing as how i've only seen him in real game action twice

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I see a barbosa, quick, and

I see a barbosa, quick, and shooter. He has the physical abailites to play defense, but is not that good on defense yet. He will get some blocks though because of his length. The Rondo comparrison is good in that they are bothlong, fast, athletic and flashy. I went the inter-team scrimmage they had, and he is always doing lightning quick crossovers and no look passes.

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I Say Rondo Same

I Say Rondo Same Size,Length,Athleticism,Both Flashy

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that one player ive never

that one player ive never seen play so i cant tell..not gonna look on you tube because they only show highlight..ill wait till i see what he does when he plays

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