What's With The Slow Updates

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What's With The Slow Updates

This website used to be lightning fast and have mock, rankings, and article updates nearly every three or four days. I don't want to seem like a complainer or rip the website because I honestly love it and thats why Im wondering what's going on? Like are you guys busy or vacation or something? Would be nice to get some feed back on this one because lots of other posters on this site have been curious as well.

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they need to bring back the

they need to bring back the player/actor look alike pictures they used to have years ago.

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yes it would be nice to see

yes it would be nice to see more players, prospects predictions, analysis..players' updates, mock updates, new acticles and so on..

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That will all come back as

That will all come back as soon as basketball starts again. They cant really update the prospects because nobody has played. It is still the offseason. What do you want them to do, make up stats for JWall and DFavors or somethin? Give it about a month and they will be in full swing with the prospects, player ratings, mock drafts, ect, ect.

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this is so true..i've seen

this is so true..i've seen the same post on the forum the past 4 days.......

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