Batum to have surgery; return unknown

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Batum to have surgery; return unknown

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland Trail Blazers forward Nicolas Batum will undergo surgery on his right shoulder to repair torn cartilage.

The team said Monday a return date will be determined after Friday's surgery in Los Angeles.

Batum appeared in 79 games as a rookie last season, starting 76. He averaged 5.4 points and 2.8 rebounds while earning praise for his defensive ability.

What do u guys think and whos gunna be filling his spot?
Most people said they have to much talent but you can never have too much talent because stuff like this happens

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Big loss

He has a torn labrum. It's not known yet how long he'll be out, but it's the same injury Jameer Nelson had last season.

Batum doesn't put up big numbers, but this is a huge loss in my opinion. For one, he's their best perimeter defender. For two, he's a perfect complimentary starter player. He doesn't require a lot of shots and he's a good spot up shooter from the corner. Webster and Outlaw will fill in fine, but they don't defend as well and aren't as complimentary because they will require more shot attempts, etc. The same reason Blake is starting over Miller is the same reason Batum was starting over Webster and Outlaw.

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This is really unfortunate for Batum, showed good promise last season and had a very good summer for the French National Team. However, this could end up being more of a positive than a negative for the Blazers. Every bench player for the Blazers thinks they are deserving of more minutes, and most of them probably are. This will essentially put them back in the same situation minutes wise as last season except that it will Webster who was hurt last year taking Batum's minutes from last year. addition by subtraction. what you guys think?

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I hope webster get's the

I hope webster get's the start, he's on my fantasy team

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Alot of people will be

Alot of people will be surprised to see Webster develop into a good defensive player, as he showed plenty of potential to be a stopper 2 years back. He also is a better shooter than Outlaw and Batum IMO. He could have something of a breakthrough this season, as his scoring and clock increases.

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is more of a 2 gaurd, but with portland versitility webster should get his minutes this year that he lost from being out all last season. Webster is a highlight reel waiting for andre to bring it all out!

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