nba league pass

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nba league pass

i finally have the f'ing money to get the league pass this year and am beyond excited. i am going to try and watch every game this year, i live in st louis but love the trailblazers, cant wait to see if they can progress, also cant wait to see steph curry, brandon jennings, and big blake in action. cheers to a good year!

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trust me youll love it...

trust me youll love it...

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yeah. cant live without it

yeah. cant live without it lol

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league pass is fun, becuase

league pass is fun, becuase on nights when your team isn't playing, you can just look for the best game going on or watch how some rookies are doing.

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Love it

I love NBA league pass I have gotten it every year for the past 7 seasons I dont even have to order it anymore my cable company automatically gives it to me every year.

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You guys are lucky. All I

You guys are lucky. All I have are my free previews, which I use to watch my favorite rookies from year to year.

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