Rudy Gay

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lol, the Grizzlies need to

lol, the Grizzlies need to give him an extension just for that, lmao

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This guy has put in work his whole career, he has been through several coaches and he has produced.He is poised to make a even bigger splash this year the guy has worked on his body and his shot.The guy deserves a nice extension.What hasn't he done for this franchise he's done his part they are only getting better don't see the point of them letting him walk.He has a nice overall game his defense will catch up with his offense.Pay up Chris Wallace because if you let this guy walk it will be another huge scar on this franchise as all the people in Memphis will be watching him come into his own on another team. He already let Hakim Warrick walk with no trade or anything he just let the guy walk like the Grizz are so talented they can just give away players.Must do better at retaining the talent that we draft.

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they shouldnt and wont let

they shouldnt and wont let rudy go they just dont want to overpay him. so they will wait and match anybodys offer to him and mess up another teams freeagent chase for waiting on rudy

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This guy needs to be traded

I think with Zach and A.I. coming here. two young guys could develop slower then they want..and with Mayo being more in Grizzlies future IMO, Gay should be traded..Grizzlies don't want four 20ppg, and Gay coulb be even 25ppg scorer in near future, but i don;t see it happen it Memphis

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