Bill Simmons NBA season preview and 33 most intriguing NBA people

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Bill Simmons NBA season preview and 33 most intriguing NBA people

Hilarious article lol. Did anybody else know that the Clippers owned the Timberwolves' 2011 unprotected first round pick? Interesting...

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I thought it was the 2010

I thought it was the 2010 pick sir..

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this dude is a clown, i just saved this article into my email, computer, phone, .......

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I Knew That..

The pick was involved in the Marko Jaric trade.

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I read the article. I

I read the article. I actually like Simmon's articles because he is funny and points out things that are obvious but go untalked about. I like the part about Ron Artest taking Kobe to go see Batman and superman, but kobe doesn't have the heart to tell him they are just bums on the street.

But he is a very open Laker hater and he doesn't even try to hide it.

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does bill simmins know what

does bill simmins know what hes talking about? i ithought he was off, espectially as the blazers

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It is amazing how bad some trades are, then you realize a few years later once the pick is due that a trade is even worse. I don't remember the exact trade, but the Grizzlies made a trade with the Pistons that involved Otis Thorpe. Solid player, nothing great, but good guy coming off the bench. Anyways, Basically the year that Lebron and friends came out the Memphis only would have gotten to keep their pick if they had the number one pick. Any other pick went to the Pistons. The Pistons as we all know went on to draft Darko with Lebron going number 1. Now Jerry West was the GM at the time. If he had gotten Lebron, I guarantee that Memphis would have had a championship by now. For those that do not remember the team had, Shane Battier, Pau Gasol, Dantay Jones, Mike Miller, Jason Williams, James Posey, Bonzi Wells, Earl Watson and a few other really solid guys that rounded out the team. All that team needed was a number one guy and that team was coached by Hubie Brown. Even if they didn't get Lebron and were able to keep their pick there were a lot of guys at number two that would have been great options...insert Wade, Carmelo or even a guy that I'm not crazy about in Bosh into the lineup and that finally pushes the team over the hump.

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From the guy who thought

From the guy who thought only Dwight Howard could stop Omar Samhan, the archives of great predictions like the Hornets finishing 4th, the Clippers finishing 6th, Houston 7th, and Portland imploding. Oh yeah, and the whole Milwaukee must be bad because they don't have guys he knows prediction.

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I believe this is the same

I believe this is the same guy that said Blazers won't even finish with a .500 record. What a clown.

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Lol....Simmons is a great

Lol....Simmons is a great writer and basketball mind.

Funny how ppl call him a clown or question him AFTER the season plays out

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I am not a big Simmons fan because he comes off as a smug &$#%#[email protected]! who thinks that he knows anything and has an unrelenting hatred of the Pistons. I normally respect his basketball opinion except for a couple of things. He does not know college basketball, that is for certain. He writes some very funny stuff, but overall I think of him as an entertainer rather than an actual "Sports Guy" who knows what he is talking about.

His recent article on Sheed was spot on except for the fact that he is trying to preach this to everybody when every single Pistons fan on this planet knew every one of the things that he wrote. Like him thinking that people do not remember some of Sheed's terrible moments like him leaving Horry wide open to give them the ship. I remember, I definitely &$#%#[email protected]! remember.

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