Rubio FC Barcelona game

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Rubio FC Barcelona game

on NBATV now check it out.

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The Game

I saw that it was on last night, I was to busy watching my Ducks take down the Huskies. Watching a replay this morning, and it was indeed interesting with a lot of familiar faces and a few prospects, such as Omer Asik and also Erazem Lorbek, who has done his thing over in Europe and could definitely get an NBA offer. Juan Carlos Navarro and Fran Vazquez are probably Euro League lifers, just for financial reasons (which of course, sucks for the Magic who had to technically waste a lottery pick). Pete Mickeal who was drafted by the Knicks was doing his thing, as was Willie Solomon, who played for the Raps last year and seemed to be taking it to Rubio, although Barcelona obviously had the better squad. I know the announcer probably speaks English as like an 8th language, but he was doing the game by himself and just seemed like he was lost. Just no real play by play action, strange terms for violations and basic basketball vernacular and of course, the use of the metric system, which I do not even think they do here in Canada when it comes to hoops. Euro league is truly a different beast when it comes to basketball, and it explains why it takes a big transitional period when players come over. I do not think one player has come over from Euro league and just gone straight on to tearing things up in the league. This could be due to most of the top prospects ages, but it takes at least a year to translate into becoming the player they should be in the NBA. When Rubio comes over even in 2-3 years, it will take at least a year for him to adjust to the pace of the NBA and to become even close to the player he could be. Honestly, precedent is on my side, as many players have flourished in coming to the NBA from Euro league, but all have taken their time before they became as valuable to their team as they may be now. This includes Nowitzki, Ginobili, Scola, Calderon and I am sure Rudy Fernandez will benefit heavily from his first full year in the NBA. To some this may seem like a no-brainer, but a lot of people think that coming to the NBA from a Euro system is a flawless transition, but it definitely takes an adjustment period.

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Re: mikeyvthedon

I think you are right that there is a transition from playing in Europe to playing in the NBA....

Brandon Jennings - Struggled quite frankly when he played for Roma in Italy.
Jannero Pargo - Couldn't even get off the bench for Olympiakos last year, but will probably play for the Bulls this year.
Josh Childress - Put up very average numbers in Greece last year.

Even good NBA players will have to adjust to the style of european basketball, which is a lot more smash-mouth and physical whereas the NBA is more finesse. I think the adjustment swings both ways, not just europeans moving to the NBA.

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I think one of the

I think one of the differences between the nba and the european game is that in europe it is much more compacted. The 3 point line is closer which means the players are closer to the hoop and there is less spacing. There is no defensive 3 seconds so bigs can clog up the lanes better. There is much less room to operate in one on one type situations which is where the superior athlete is gonna have an advantage. INstead, becuase you can't just beat your guy and get to the basket as easy, you have to rely more on ball movement and passing. Watching the tel aviv team vs the knicks the other day, you cold see they were not used to the further 3 point line and the spacing. They couldn't buy a 3.

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