My Hats off to Bobby Jackson

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My Hats off to Bobby Jackson

I love this guy and I totally forgot him on my list as one of the great journeymen the NBA has ever had... Such a nice guy and has never been a troublemaker... He has officially retired after spending 12 good seasons in the League... That's a testament to how good and how hard he worked to stay in the NBA... By the way, Bobby Jackson used to be the Kings' major enforcer off the bench during the Peja-Vlade-C-Webb-Bibby era... He just flat out kill you off the bench... My hats off to you my man and here's my favorite play from Bobby... My tribute to an incredible journeyman...

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Bobby was the man. He was

Bobby was the man. He was hard nosed and always professional. He was great around the sacramento comunity staying there during the off-season and doing charity stuff and getting out to events and just embracing sacramento. He is now moving into a role working with the front office for the kings.

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I went to the Indiana versus

I went to the Indiana versus New Orleans pre-season game a couple of seasons ago and I have a story about Jackson. I have no doubts that he never started trouble and was always a professional, but at this game he didn't act like it lol.

A fan was heckling him behind their bench and he literally tried to fight the fan and was yelling/cursing like crazy. Tyson Chandler and Hilton Armstrong had to hold him back. Byron Scott told Jackson to go apologize after the game, but Jackson didn't. Instead Chandler apologized, shook the fans hand and gave him his pair of shoes. Either that fan said something awful or Jackson is just a hot head.

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remember when him and t-mac

remember when him and t-mac fought lol... i loved bobby jackson he was really a tough player and a real spark off the bench

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bobby jackson

a spark plug off the bench, also came up with big plays late in the 4th quarter. Man he always put the dagger in my team.

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Well done Fizer, I was

Well done Fizer, I was always a Bobby Jackson fan too, as far as newer players go I think Darren Collison kind of reminds me of him

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