honest question

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honest question

Could anybody consider Jeff Green an emerging star?
I've heard some nba analist say he may be the most improved player of the year. He gain about 5 lbs. of muscle and has been great so far in the preseason, he's more physical in the paint bacause of his muscle gain,too, but I want some other opinions.

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hmm i would say not star as

hmm i would say not star as in superstar or somebody you can build around but i think he'll be a very good player and somebody that could be part of a championship team

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i haven't seen him this

i haven't seen him this pre-season yet, but i always thought he was gonna be a very solid player, but not a star or all-star. To me, a star is someone who has the ability to consistently take over games and be the lead guy on a team. I don't think Green will ever fit that defenition. I think he will have a career similar to Lamr Odom, which is a very good player who contributes in many ways.

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Jeff Green is that amazing

Jeff Green is that amazing play that will never get the amount of credit he should be getting.

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he has the potential to be

he has the potential to be an All-Star as long as he is putting up good numbers on a winning team. In the way that Josh Howard got in with a solid season whilst Dallas were winning.

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jeff green gets overlooked

jeff green gets overlooked because of durant but the kid can flat out play. i think him being over looked has really helped him shine

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Very good player

Not a star, a above average role player. A team can win with him being third best player to me.

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I think he is a good rebounder for his size, but he is a better scorer as well as a very smart player. I see him as being a rashard lewis type player. Im not refering to his skill set. Rather, i think he will be able to strive and to help a team as their "sidekick," or number two guy, but never as their franchise player

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jeff green

will have a breakout year when traded or leaves via free agency, and plays his true position small forward!

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