Will Xavier henry come out his Freshmen year of college?

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Will Xavier henry come out his Freshmen year of college?

I think he will, but he shouldn't. He will not have enough experience.

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I follow the Jayhawks pretty

I follow the Jayhawks pretty closely, and from what I heard he has been living up to his hype this off-season in scrimmages and practices. Bill Self doesn't really reveal a whole lot in his interviews and is very reserve in his comments, not tending to hype players. That being said, everything he has said about Henry would indicate he is the real deal. KU's backcourt got a little more open as far as minutes go with the first semester suspension of Brady Morningstar. Henry would have gotten minutes regardless, but so would Morningstar so that will benefit him from an early season experience standpoint. It's hard to say whether he should or shouldn't before he has even played a minute of college basketball, but I think he will, and I think he will have a big impact for KU this season, he already has an NBA body at 6'6'' and a solid 220, Self said he really goes hard, in regards to going after lose balls, rebounding, and getting to the line. His range is decent, but needs some work and with KU's reputation of putting out very solid NBA defenders I think he will improve there too.

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If Henry has a really great year, then he is going to leaving.

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