tyreke great scorer???

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tyreke great scorer???

why is it everybody on this site believes this guy will become a great scorer or a top wing player? he should have never been a top 5 pick and got to much credit for winning at memphis it was already a good team and what top team did they beat during their winning streak? NONE! he will never be a top scorer because his jumper is horrible and he will need to change his form and start from scratch. how many wing players in the league are top scorers that cant shoot with below average athleticism? 2 guard has some of the best athletes and defenders he will have trouble and hes not a point cuz he dont make player around him better and he doesnt create for others. he's just stuck at point cuz he dont bring nothing to the table without the ball in his hands. take points from me now but when he struggles i will post my i told you so! i bet he average more turnovers than assist this year

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well, half the people on

well, half the people on here have been hating on him, so i think it's pretty back and forth on him. And even though I have supported him, I've never said he was gonna be a "great" scorer or win rookie of the year or anything. Here's what I see in him

Great size for a gaurd who can power through contact.
good ball handling, nothing wrong there
Poor shot mechanics, however because he brings it up high and gets it off quickly, he is able to get his shot almost whenever he wants or off the dribble which is big in the nba and something that you can't really teach
he has shown some very good passing so far, maybe he isn't a natural pg right now, but his court vision is solid
He can defend well considering he is a rookie

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HAHA I find it quite funny

HAHA I find it quite funny that people keep saying he doesnt pass or make teamates better, when his last 2 games he has had 8 and 9 assists. Sure he isn't a pure point, but in todays game u really dont need to be. And all of this talk about how much is jumper sucks is just not true. He's still a little streaky but he's a pretty good shooter. Also, the kid is averagin 15, 5, and 5 already. Go and say that the preseason doesn't matter but those r big numbers for a rookie. His job is to attack the basket and score if he can and if not then pass it out to an open player, and so far he is doing great at that. Quit the hate, he is going to be a very very good player

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I think Evans has a chance

I think Evans has a chance to be a very good scorer/player. He doesn't have great athleticism, but he has great size, strength and an explosive first step. He has an attack the rim mentality, so we know that'll lead to him getting to the free-throw line. He's a physical/tough player.

If Evans is to reach his max potential, he has to learn how to play off the ball and stop being so dependent on scoring off the dribble. I think he'll tighten up his shooting mechanics with time. LeBron didn't have the best shooting mechanics when he entered the NBA either. It's not something that can't be fixed. He's shown solid court vision and passing skills. He still needs to work on his control, but that'll come as he gains experience and the game slows down. His defense has been really solid.

I really think that Evans can be a number two option kind of player IF he strengthens his weaknesses.

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3d topic

This is the 3d topic you have started that is about or involves Tyreke, sounds to me like you need to get a grip and let the rookie play for a few weeks.

move on dude and try another subject.

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Evans can be a good player

Evans can be a good player as he progresses, he will be better than a role player, not as good as a superstar though. He needs to work on his shooting, he can shoot off tyhe dribble which if you can do that can be nearly impossoble to stop. I think he will be a good player.

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How many topics there will be about Tyreke..
I think we all understand than most of ppl there thinks that Reke is?will be great scorer.
combination of size/speed/ball-handling is almost perfect, and he shoots not worse than Wade, Westbrook in thier rookie years.

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I don't know how one can say

I don't know how one can say Evans has "an explosive 1st step". His 1st step, speed and overall athleticism are quite average, but he does have a killer handle and knows how to score. He's kinda like Mayo in that he has that old man game and just gets buckets. Not comparing their games or styles, just mentality.

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yeah his stats arent that

yeah his stats arent that bad but take into account it is preeaon and he is on the worst team int he pretty sure currys,brandon jennings, would put up better stats with the kings..and yeah he had 8 and 9 ast in 2 games but he also had 6 and 4 turnovers and played all but 3min..people need to stop over and underrating the guy, hes not a good shooter and i can tell some havnt watched the games and have just checking out stats, else they would know hes scoring most from drives. another problem thats brewing is hes taking more shots then kevin martin..which is one reason people are saying hes not a pg( yet at least)

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