Cavs v. Celtics

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Cavs v. Celtics


Paul Pierce is a ridiculous scorer. He can kill you shoot 3's, mid-range shots, and when he gets to the rim he's great at finishing. Him and Lebron are great when they play each other, it's a great battle. But Pierce is the truth (no pun intended) and he'll have a big year again.

Rasheed is kinda like that old guy at the YMCA..he's crafty, and almost cherrypicks to create shot attempts. He played good/crafty post D on Shaq and Varejao and rebounded fine. Its obvious he's not playing that hard though.

Rondo. Boy. Mo Williams just couldn't guard him. He could've easily had 20 points, but his unselfishness overtook that. He's a fantastic ball handler and passer, and he's effective in the pick and roll. It's worth mentioning that his shot has improved to the point you have to at least half-heartedly contest it, but its still not good enough yet. Expect an all-star season.

Kendrick Perkins did his usual enforcing of the paint, but he also showed an improved baseline 12 footer that's sure to open his game a good deal more on offense.

Marquis Daniels could definitely be a PG for spot minutes, and he's a good all-around player who stands out on D. He isn't a great shooter though.

Eddie House was his usual "chuck-n-pray" self. He was on fire, and when that happens its tough to stop him and the Celtics team. He also made a few nice passes and he tries to defend, but he's just not very good at either.

JR Giddens is an intriguing player, but he has a ways to go offensively. He is turnover prone and in need of polish, but he could develop into what they wanted Tony Allen to be (a flashy, versatile scorer who can play the point at times and defends every perimeter position).

Lester Hudson was OK, but he's not a natural PG. He can shoot/score though.

Shelden Williams may have found a niche as a 12th man, he did everything he was asked to. Nothing more or less.


Lebron....need I say more.

Shaq was OK, but he gets little lift now-a-days. He's very dependent on his size now.

Anthony Parker was good, he has a good post game for a SG and he's a good shooter whether he's contested or not. Also plays D and can play PG for spurts..

Varejao showed a better post game, and he's still energetic. Still thinks he's vastly overpaid though lol.

Mo Williams didn't shoot well or run the point well. He's not a true PG to me, but he's definitely a good scorer.

Ilgauskas was his usual jump shooting self. He's a good rebounder on D, but he's allergic to the paint on offense.

Moon won't do much scoring for them especially if he has to create it, but he'll make hustle plays.

Boobie Gibson did run the PG better than I'd ever seen him, but he just made conservative feeds and the Cavs finished so maybe it was just lightning in a bottle. Still quite the scorer and shooter though.

JJ Hickson has the potential to be a beast. He's a good player around the rim, and a wide body with the ability to get bigger, but he needs to polish the rest of his game, especially on D and mid-range offense.

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boston vs da spurs 2010

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