Kings future?

Could this be a plan?

Trade Hawes and Martin (get the soft players out of town) For a legitimate second option on a championship team. (Al Jefferson anyone?)
Develop either Casspi or Greene.
Tyreke would be a good 3rd option on a championship team.
Trade Udrih & Francisco for draft picks.

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If tyreke develops to his

If tyreke develops to his potential hes going to average around 20 some pts, so hes going to be either the best 3rd option in the world he is probaly gunna be a number two option if he makes it all the way

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well for starters, I think

well for starters, I think the kings would gladly make that martin and hawes deal for Jefferson. I don't see the Wolves being quite so eager. KMart is very good, but he is not an all-star franchise player. If you can get that franchise player for him, you do it.

Casspi and Greene will get the opportunities, but right now neither is a starter. The whole sf position is in a developing stage in sac right now, so those guys are being given their chance.

I think Tyreke will become a legit number two option on a playoff caliber team before his career is over.

Francisco is actually a very solid role player if healthy. He is versatile, unselfish and plays with confidence and passion. All things the Kings would be lucky to duplicate with a first rounder outside the lottery, so I'm not sure that trading him makes sense. I'm sure they would be happy to trade Udrih. I still remember the sacramento radio people acting all happy when the kings gave him that big 30 million deal before last season. Now everyone knows it was a mistake and he is now nothing more then a backup with a starters salary. How many teams are gonna throw draft picks at the Kings to land him?

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Jason Thompson? is he the

Jason Thompson?
is he the future at the pf for them?

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they definitely didnt pick him twelth in one of the best drafts of all time for him not to be..

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I see Thompson being the 5th option in their lineup. Tyreke being the 2nd/3rd and then they need upgrades everywhere else. Particularly a Mo Williams-esque point guard.
Cisco is pretty good but they could get some good value for him IMO.

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i don't see your plan... why

i don't see your plan... why trade martin? who's to say evans is going to ever be good? the way i see it he's jerry stackhouse so he'll give to 20 something bad fg % where as martin gives you the 20 great fg %.... i don't get why they drafted evans in the first place

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yeah they have no chance

yeah they have no chance now..but they are tall is al..6'8-6'9. ..and he does very well and dominates so why would they need a center..kevin love has shown hes good enough to be the pf on that team so no they dont need a center

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