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my brother told me about this kid then i forgot to mention him..13 years old from canada..what ya'll think 6'6

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Very fluid player, with good

Very fluid player, with good athleticism. If he grows a few inches and ads a jumper he could be really good. I still think 13 is too early to really analyze a player. He is probably a lot taller than any of his opponents, but I hadn't heard of him, so thanks, I'll remember his name.

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Yea I heard about him the

Yea I heard about him the other day, he's supposed to be the big name for the future.

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6-6 and athletic at 13 years

6-6 and athletic at 13 years old is always intriguing. I'll have to remember that name.

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A 13 year old with that

A 13 year old with that height and fluidity coupled with good ball handling and solid athleticism [that will get much better with physical maturity and training] is gonna draw a lot of attention from people who are paid to notice these things. I hope the kid loves the game and has good people around him 'cause he could be something special on the basketball court.

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Only things to look for is too big, too young can cause injuries, or he could be one of those that grows really early. 6'6 13 year old is very impressive, 6'7 18 year old isnt that impressive. It happens. He is a player though, if anybody remembers the tall kid in middle school back in the day, he was lucky if he could make it halfway down court without tripping. This kid can put it on the floor and get to the rack. Obviously a huge potential name to lookout for, hope he keeps his head on because we havent had a real freak come out of high school in a while ( on like a Lebron or Dwight Esque Level)

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