Wizards v. 76ers (Preseason)

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Wizards v. 76ers (Preseason)


Andre Iguodala continues to play at a high level. He's showing a better jumper, and he's still showing the all-around skills he's always had. I'm telling you, he's going to be a beast this year!

Elton Brand is just getting his feet wet and trying to maintain conditioning from the looks of it, because he isn't doing much on offense with the ball.

Thad couldn't get alot of his shots to fall, and he was pressing. His handles (or lack thereof) prevented him from getting to the rim at times if his matchup was quick enough to cut him off. McGuire did a particularly good job of this.Didn't do anything of note on D, but did have some nice boards though.

Boy I swear...Dalembert makes you wonder how he got to the NBA at times, then he'll block a shot or grab an impossible rebound and you'll see why. But I'm tired of all these flashes of potential, STUPID fouls,passes, and missed rotations in weakside D. It's time to break out buddy!

Speights was OK, but I'd like to see if he would pass at least some of the time. He's good on offense, but he's a "black hole." He did a few great boards, but he would've had more if he'd box out. Post D was pretty good.

Jason Smith looked more aggressive an hard-nosed this game, but he needs more polish and he's still soft to me.

Kapono will of course provide shooting, but anything outside of spot-up shooting is not anything that you'd want him to do too much of.

Lou Williams takes some bad shots, but he does make some good shots when he gets to the rim. He isn't efficient though still, and he while he was better today running the offense than against Pheonix, he's not a true PG at all.

Jrue Holiday was mostly just out there for no reason. So was Royal Ivey. It's worth noting that they play exactly alike right now, but I think Holiday will end up being better.

Willie Green...nothing of note this game.


Nick Young made shot after shot after shot down the stretch. He's never met a shot he didn't like though lol. Gifted offensive player, but he'd be better to not settle for all the jumper's he does, even though he's a great shooter. He has an explosive 1st step, and he doesn;t use it enough. He's a better defender, but he can be fooled on and off ball.

Caron Butler looked like a menace. He's has elite all-around skills and he's very strong.

Randy Foye is a good player when he can look to score. He's not a true PG, but he can be relatively effective there if he doesn't have to create something out of nothing. He's a good shooter and a strong slasher. Decent defender.

Samuel Dalembert v. Brendan Haywood....the attack of the clones lol. Haywood won this battle and managed to not make quite as many stupid plays as Sammie D. He was making catch and shoot plays, so nothing to get excited about.

Oberto isn't looking like much more than a 12th man.

Javale McGee is athletically gifted and he has a very soft touch around the rim, but he's still weak on D other than weakside blocks. He's got a serious skill set to build with though, which is a great sign. Same thing applies to Andray Blatche, even though he's more of a perimeter player.

Dominic McGuire played great D on Thad Young and Kapono, but needs to polish his game some more. That said, he could develop into a Trevor Ariza type or even a Lamar Odom with hard work.

Why does DeShawn Stevenson have that thing on the back of his head? It's ugly, and it's effecting him (haha) because he's clearly not going to be apart of their rotation for much longer.

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i thoughtg jason smith was

i thoughtg jason smith was impressive last night.. Coming back from Torn ACL, it was his first positive sign all pre-season.. he appeared to be a regular rotation player going into last season.. hes a finesse big with a nice shooting touch. I hope to see him overcome that injury cause he can be a solid rotation guy IMO.. Not a star, but a valuable piece to this tm especially in the princeton O

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Man, I could not agree more!

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