thetruth rankings

i know they not as good as gatorheels and kacey. but hey atleast i tried.

1.Pj all day- 5-1- his team is loaded with good players.
2.gatorheels 4-2 when its all said and done this team will be number 1 in the afc.
3.thetruth 4-2- if he can win next week . then he should move up as number 1
4.kacey 4-2- people dont sleep on this team
5.eagles4-2-his as well
6.bu huskies 4-2-had a hot start . but has falling off since
7.qhaynes 3-3- underrated
8.birdzilla 2-4- a sleeper
9.turtles 2-4-needs to make moves before his team falls in the quicksand
10.r-dot- the same with him
11.lemons 1-5-i respect him for trying
12.lion pack 0-6- dont think he will win a game this year

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lol im 3-3.

lol im 3-3.

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i shouldnt be behind turtles

i shouldnt be behind turtles if i beat him.. no matter how lucky i got.

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“Of course it’s on your mind,

“Of course it’s on your mind, but at the same time you really can’t do much about it,” Gibson said. “You know you should have the agent take care of that, let the front office take care of that, so all you really have to focus on is playing basketball. That’s what you can control.”zfa322332

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“We’re a really talented,

“We’re a really talented, young team,” Granger said. “Our starting five is really good. Just with who we brought in, the guys on the bench, we can be a very strong team and it’s just a matter of us believing that. When we win, we can’t let that get to our heads, not let the success of last year get to our heads, but we have to realize that we still have a long ways to go.”

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