Omer Asik

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Omer Asik

You know what guys? I have been an avid basketball fan all my life but there are times where I miss out on prospects ESPECIALLY in Europe. I remember my Bulls trading for a Turkish 7-footer named Omer Asik and I am curious why some people named him "a steal" in the second round. It's an honest question that needs an honest answer. Is he really a steal? Was he worth the 3 second round picks in which the Bulls gave up for? Who would you compare his game to? I just want to know out of curiosity since this site didn't give out an NBA Comparison for this player... Thanks...

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Omer Asik

Just looked up this guy for my curioisty in this guy as well...he's a guy I heard of by following this site but did not really know a lot about myself.

Quotes from people who live in and watch Turkey basketball

"He's a center who's developing everyday
explosive blocker...just broke the Euroleague block record this year with 19 blocks(total)...He's 7.0, 220 lbs...great rebounder, great offensive rebounder, very explosive dunker for his size, learning and adding new post moves everyday, he can run very well, one of the fastest centers on Europe and also he's clever player

"This guy is the third talented Turkish player right after Hedo Turkoglu and Mehmet me he is the best rebounder and the best blocker in Europe."

Exert from Wikipedia:
"Asik suffered ligament damage while training with the Turkey national basketball team in the summer of 2008 and was forced to undergo surgery. After getting the rust off, Asik was back to himself this summer, becoming a main reference for Fenerbahce and Turkish national team head coach Bogdan Tanjevic in the paint. Asik finished EuroBasket with the highest field goal percentage of all players and the third-best average in offensive rebounds.

Asik has all the physical tools one can ask for to be a dominant center. He has good size and even better wingspan, great athleticism, and most importantly for blocking shots, a quick leap and fantastic timing. Asik is an above-average shooter from mid-range and loves to finish anything near the basket with a rim-rocking slam. If he can improve his free throw accuracy, he will become even more valuable to Fenerbahce."

And a post from a Bulls fan on a Bulls blog:

"He reminded me of Noah, getting to good spots on the floor while boxing out his guy at the same time in good position for rebounds and dunks. I also noticed that he primarily used his right hand…which i feel saddened by. There were a few plays where it would have been far easier to finish with the left but he kept the ball or forced the ball to his right and finished with it…on the plus side he has a real soft touch with his right hand, if he has an opening it seems like its going in. He definitely is skinny though, so his game probably resembles Noah because of that, not strong enough to hold his ground in the post and back his defender down, so boxing out and cutting to the rim probably becomes the better option…

But he's quick…even the few moves he did in the post with his pass fakes, there was a speed to them that Aaron Gray just doesn't have, and the awareness to hang in the post on offense that Noah just doesn't have (with his back to the basket) and a nice soft touch…but yea i think if he were to play in the NBA right now he would be bullied especially on defense."

So yeah, appears to be a bit of mixed opinions, but based on how this guy plays, it would be a pleasure as a basketball fan if he could pan out to be a real stud in the NBA given his strengths. Hopefully he'll be playing somewhere along the lines in the mold of Andris Biedrins.

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