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To me, he is definitly a top 5 pg in this league.

the kid is extremely quick. he's an outstanding distributor and playmaker. He can rebound. The kid can get his a$$ to the hoop with some flashy fakeouts. I think he can defend pretty well, but he's not a lockdown defender.

Questionable attitude should be considered. A lack of jump shot capability. Poor FT %.

He's playing on an amazing team and is the top distributor of the celtics. If he can fix up his attitude, I think the celtics could have him lead this team one day, (when garnett/allen/pierce retire. All that's holding this kid back is a jumpshot. give him a decent jumpshot and he'll scare everybody in this league.

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I'm really interested in

I'm really interested in what he is going to do next year. His attitude has Ainge already hinting at letting him go, and with the "Big 3" getting up there in years I kind of forsee a 98' Bulls kind of disbandment. Rondo is a good talent and a great athlete, with a killer instinct he showed in the playoffs last year. I think it will depend on where he goes after the Garnett and company retire or if Ainge gets rid of him next off season to really see if he is going to be a great point guard who can lead a team, or just a guy who benefitted from having 3 hall of famers, but can't lead a team himself. I think he has all of the potential in the world to be a great guard, but I think it's all in his head at this point whether he is going to be a great or just another who guy who won early, put up big numbers and faded away.

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Rondo is the best pg

Rondo is the best pg defender in the league. Very rarely can you shut down the top pgs in the league such as paul williams rose, but if there was one he could do it. If this man gets a jump shot he catapults to top 3 in my books

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I remember watching Inside

I remember watching Inside the NBA during the playoffs last year and Ernie was giving some stat about Rondo's triple doubles that put him in an exclusive group with like Oscar Robertson and Jason Kidd and Barkley was like, "He's good, but he ain't that damn good." But whether you think he's that damn good or not, Rondo basically averaged a triple double in the playoffs last year. That's ridiculous. His playoff averages in 14 games were: 16.9ppg, 9.7rpg, 9.8apg, with 2.5spg. Those are some insane numbers to put up against playoff teams.

It'll be interesting to see how Rondo does this year. So far he's been dramatically better every year with his ppg, rpg, apg, and spg increasing significantly every year. On top of that, he was on fire at the end of last season. His D's no joke either. Just look at the GM surveys where Rondo is tied with Kobe as the best on-the-ball defender as well as 4th best perimeter defender. Rondo's really impressed me so far. Maybe this is the year of the big four?

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I agree Diggler, I don't

I agree Diggler, I don't understand why people don't consider him as an elite PG. Amazing numbers in the playoffs last year, and kept the big 3 happy. He doesn't have a jumpshot...big deal. He stuffs the stat sheet in every other way.

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