pre season observation thread

I would like to use this thread for people to comment on interesting observations they would like to discuss so far in the pre season about their favorite team or whoever they have been following. What players are looking good/bad so far that might suprise some people.

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For my Lakers: good: it

For my Lakers:


it looks like Farmar and Vujacic are bcak after dissapointing seasons last year. They were huge in getting the Lakers to the finals 2 seasons ago before taking a step bacl last year. There has been a lot of talk of them being traded and Shannon Brown and Adam Morrison taking their minutes. But so far the stats have been:
-Farmar, 18 min, 49% fg, 9 points 4 assists
-Vujacic, 12 min, 69% fg, 67% 3's, 7 points
-Brown, 18 min, 33% fg, 6 points

Fisher looks terribile and Morrison looks like a non factor. Farmar and Vujacic should be able to get some minutes.

-Andrew Bynum is looking good. His stats: 30 min, 62% fg, 76% ft, 20.5 points


Artest looks like he is still adjusting to fitting in. Most his shots are after thoughts and his percentage is low.

-like I said earlier, Fisher looks bad. Although I'm sure he will make big shots, his defense is poor, his shooting % is atrocious, and he is having trouble getting the ball over half court against quicker gaurds.

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The Good: -Anthony Morrow

The Good:

-Anthony Morrow has been impressive to me. I wanted to see if last year was a fluke, and he has shown that it's not and then some. He has one of the best jump shots I've ever seen, and he is good at taking 1 or 2 dribbles and pulling up from mid-range and nailing it. Not just a spot up guy, which maks him more dangerous.

-Sonny Weems still has a ways to go before being a real rotation guy but he's playing better than I expected. He could be a candidate for the Slam Dunk Contest if more people knew about him, but he needs polish to his game. His skills are too raw, but his spot up shot and athleticism make him interesting. He also has the potential to develop into a defensive stopper.

Mo Speights is going to take Dalembert's spot, I just pray he does lol. He's much better offensively, and he has the tools to be just as good a post defender as Dalembert. He already has a good mid-range and solid moves down low.

Rodney Stuckey should be better this year. He's more decisive and runs the offense more crisp than I saw him run it last year. He's a great mid-range player, and he can take it to the rim, but he has to show that he knows when to do what and not "settle." I think he could be a menace on D with more focus, and he's already pretty good at it.

The Bad:

The whole Pistons team besides Stuckey and Will Bynum. They don't look like a playoff team until they get a big man. They rely too much on the perimeter players for offense.

Ramon Sessions hasn't looked like a top 15 PG in the preseason. He hasn't played better than Flynn and he hasn't been aggressive scoring. Expect Flynn to be the opening-day starter.

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yes I like Mareese too, i told you few days ago in McGee-Speights topic...his 32points was amazing

Good(most interesting for me): Greg Oden - no fool fouls, lots of rebounds , couple blocks, and way way better offense, i like it!
K.Durant- to straight games with 30pts in jsut about 30 minutes, nice
C.Anthony- like I said "sleeper" to with scoring title, 45points was crazy
A.Bynum- he is easily 20ppg scorer in every other team, but i still need more defence and rebounds..but still, he is domintant in preseason
Blair- he needs to start with Timmy
Griffin- I know he is good scorer with 23ppg in college, good all-around(over 2apg playing PF/C) but he still suprising me, he is like big time scorer in last two games, also i like his 3steals and 2blocks last night(these stats is mentioning like his weaknesses)
Jennings- just wanna say he looks nba ready enough..(if he can make same plays like in HS he is ROY candidate)

Bad: Curry- looks very hyped but he is nothng like FLynn , Jennings, Teague in preseason
D.Howard- 75%FT ?? I don't see anything like this
R.Westbrook- I love him alot, I don't say he is "bad" so far, but i think he is in the level of Rose, Mayo, he really want to shoot over 40%

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good..marrow a.bynum and

good..marrow a.bynum and wbynum, bjennings, blair griffen,t willams

below average
t.evans yeah hes getting 13 a game and no one ever doubted he can score in the leauge but after watching all his game i notice he doesnt make anyone else better turns the ball over too much..ast to turnover ration is horrible and his jumper i below average (3pointer i non existant) so i say bad because right now he clearly isnt a good pg..hopefully he will learn to think pass first and set his teammates up

curry-jumper just isnt falling but he does look like a pg..only problem is thatshot which more then likely will come

d.jordan- i expect alot more from him because of his athletic ability and the fact he said hes been working very hard all summer yet hes still barley blocking a shot a game and not rebounding much

(on a side note derrick rose played ok for only one game,,will score more and get assits but hes not on the level of paul or williams ..and not even close as far as getting assists as they are)

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Suns The Good ---Looks like


The Good

---Looks like this team will take a step forward in defense. Not saying they'll be great but at least average. Bench is loaded with good defensive players.
---Channing Frye has M.I.P. potential this year. He has looked great in the preseason
---Grant Hill, J-Rich, and Nash all look like they will have a better year than last year. Also Amare has improved a little on the defensive end. looks like hes in for a great year.

The Bad

---Goran Dragic is still developing but he shouldn't be Nash's backup quite yet. I think he'll be good but hes got a long way to go.
---Whos gonna grab Rebounds? Channing Frye? Robin Lopez? Amare Stoudemire? Earl Clark? Idk.

I predict about 47 wins this year which will get them into the playoffs as a 7 or 8 seed.

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Q hodges - ur wrong about

Q hodges - ur wrong about DJ. in his limited minutes he has been great. he is much improved. ignore the box score.

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a couple of people are

a couple of people are saying frye for most improved and im not that sure why..he had that 2 games where he was hot and the other 2 were he was horrible (1-9,2-10 and rebounding hasnt been great), but the reaon he wont get it i because he has had good seasons before..people seem to forget that he averaged 12pts and then 9 his firt 2 years in the leauge so even i he averaged 14 this year thats still only a light improvement offensively then his rookie year..he would have to get about 20 to win it and i dont think that gonna happen..most improved goes to a guy who plays much better then they did in there previous best years not to someone who started out retty good there first couple years, not play o well a couple after that, then play the same or slightly better then they did when they were playing well in the past..

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