Should Joe Dumars be fired if the Pistons fail to make the playoffs?

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Should Joe Dumars be fired if the Pistons fail to make the playoffs?

1st he drafted Darko a player even he admitted that he had only heard about and watched on film ..A player that everyone can see is destined to be a career backup..Dumars made a huge blunder becuz future hall of famers like WADE, MELO AND BOSH were available for the taken...The basketball gods shined brighty on Dumars in 2002..Becuz Billups, Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince became pistons.. He put together a gang of outcasts, journey men and players who wanted to prove that they belonged and could play in the league ..A team of no-name guys that played great together and won the championship in 2004..But 2002 was also the year he fired Rick Carlise who earlier that year was name coach of the year...Last season the pistons hired Curry to coach the team...but fired him after only 1 season..Since Carlise's release the pistons are on their 4th coach..Dumars stated that trading Billups for Iverson's expiring contract was a move to free up money to sign free agents.. But trading Billups the engine of the team forced then to miss the conference for the 1st time since 2003..While many thought Dumars would use Iverson's and Wallace expiring contracts on the free agent bonanza of 2010..He use it to sign 1 dimensional shooter Ben Gordon and talented Charlie Villuenva neither player s are known to play defense...Rasheed is gone..Big Ben returns after stops in chicago & cleveland..But Ben Wallace plays the way he did before he became a piston..With several new players and a rookie coach..Nobody expects the pistons to do much..

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yes, yes, and yes. good

yes, yes, and yes. good post.

He has crashed and burned these past few season's, they have benn a total nightmare for Piston fans, they dropped faster then a bomb

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Yes he should be fired

A championship can only buy you so long and he hasnt really made any big splashes since he won the championship they have continually got worse every year and this year he spent a lot of money on glorified second tier players Ben Gordon and Charlie V.

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