Still looking to trade

I will listen to trades for anyone on my team..anything ?

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Last season was the first

Last season was the first time in a decade that the Raptors averaged more boards than their opponents and they did it without a dominate rebounder on the team. Rebounding by committee, Ed Davis led the Raptors at 6.6 rebounds per game and Toronto finished the season with the league’s tenth best rebounding differential.

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Dallas Mavericks – Missing

Dallas Mavericks – Missing out on the superstar sweepstakes this summer didn’t help the media perception of the Mavs. Per usual, Dallas isn’t a trendy pick to do much in the stacked Western Conference heading into the season but the talent assembled on this team would beg to differ.

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Of course, this is all being

Of course, this is all being blown out of proportion a little, as all O’Neal really said was he feels Andrew Bynum and Brook Lopez are more traditional centers than Howard. Note that O’Neal didn’t say “better.” He just said “more traditional.”

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“The only thing that I am

“The only thing that I am having a little bit of trouble with is the physicality of it because there are guys that play my position that are taller than I am and post me up,” Beal said. “So I really have to work at getting stronger and competing down in the post, but mentally, I will be fine. It’s early for me, but I am not using being a rookie as an excuse, that’s not an excuse I like to use.”

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