Don't forget the Dhamp challenge.

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Don't forget the Dhamp challenge.

You say D Hamp isn't the greatest mind. Cool, no prob! Challenge me by making your predictions for the season. 1-8 playoff teams in both conferences, MVP, ROY, DPOY, Sixth man of the year, coach of the year, comeback player, top 10 scores, rebounds, etc. This will prove who has the most knowledge on the site. Much love to everyone. I'll post mine next Monday.

Let's make the final entry day on Monday before the season starts. I'll keep posting this. Note: Let's keep this all in fun.

Dhamp...the greatsest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

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i don't really think it

i don't really think it "proves" who has the most bball knowledge on the site, but still should be interesting to play

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DHAMP, dude you starting to

DHAMP, dude you starting to fall off man cause those kind of predictions will not really do much unless you just got off of surprise players and surprise teams. it would take some insight to know that and to explain why you see that. Anyone can make some guesses based on last year and how a team is set up. I will not make my predictions though until after the first week and the line up are pretty set up because without knowing that I know it would be a crap shoot and I would just pick the favorites and no dark horses. Right now I am not even sure what trades will go down but I have ideas who may be moved. Detroit will do something and Washington will do something. I am sure of that. They are waiting on some desperate team and a decent offer and also if Portland is smart they will make some moves. Also Gortat may be moved and I hope it is to OKC. OKC can take the hit and they need a solid big man and they will not have to sacrifice much. They could easily give up a draft pick now that their line up is stacked as is.

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