Fantasy Question-Stephen Jackson

So I got him in the 9th round of my fantasy draft yesterday. He was ranked 25 and I got him so low. My question is, was it a good idea to pick him up there. I know what he can do but Idk if he'll play much this year. I'm banking on him getting traded to another team so he can rack up points there. What are your thoughts?

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if he doesnt get traded your screwed other wise but if he does you should be fine

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u will be fine... hes the

u will be fine... hes the best player on their team right now and he will still be used that way until he gets traded... people in ur league shouldnt have let him fall so low...

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yea, I know. I also got Shaq

yea, I know. I also got Shaq in like the 10th. Two great pickups for that late in the draft

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