Oklahoma sooners

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Oklahoma sooners

Does anyone think they got a shot at the final four?

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Of course they have a shot.

Of course they have a shot. Everyone has a shot before season starts. Do I see them going, No. I dont think they can be as good as they were last year and they didnt go then. Warren is good but he is just a scorer. They lost Blake and Taylor who were 2 huge parts of their team as far as scoring, defending, and leadership not to mention rebounding. Gallon will be good but he wont be anything special until like his junior year or maybe his sophomore. They will make the tourney but wont go to the Final Four.

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I think they're a Sweet 16

I think they're a Sweet 16 team..

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I think they have a shot but

I think they have a shot but it will be tough since there losing both Griffins. I see them as a either a Sweet Sixteen team or Elite Eight a team either way they should have a solid season.

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