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For D Hamp

Orange Basketball Blog

Former Orange Eric Devendorf mulls options

By Mike Waters / The Post-Standard
October 14, 2009, 8:16PM

Eric Devendorf is considering his playing options, including opportunities to play professionally in Europe as well as the NBA Development League, according to his agent.

Devendorf is mulling offers in both Greece and Turkey, Chris Luchey, Devendorf's agent, wrote in a text message Wednesday. Luchey also wrote that Devendorf is considering the possibility of remaining in the United States to play in the NBDL.

Devendorf, a 6-foot-3 guard, left Syracuse University last spring despite having one year of eligibility remaining. He was not selected in the NBA draft.

Mike Waters

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should not have left... Very

should not have left... Very stupid move on his part.

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School did not seem that

School did not seem that important to him at that time and the way I hear it the coach wanted him and Paul Harris to leave.

D Hamp
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Good one Tezo83, the funny thing is, I'm the reason they wrote the blog!!!!! I called them the other day asking for an update. Maybe I was one of many who called, but I really wanted to hear something.

Dhamp...tShe greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

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was it really that bad of a

was it really that bad of a move?..i mean i like eric and i think he has a pretty good game but im not sure his draft stock would have gotten much higher since teams wanted to see if he could be a pg since they know he can score and if he went back he prob would have played sg and scored more which nba teams already know he can do..going to th d leauge might not be the best though seeing as teh teams that want him overseas are offering 100k plus

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i think if Flynn and Harris

i think if Flynn and Harris would have stayed yes. that was a team that had a decent chance of winning it all and that helps your draft stock but since they left yeah it was kind of pointless to come back.

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DHamp rang up syracuse for

DHamp rang up syracuse for an update on devendorf? wow

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