Was Lebron James 07 Finals team the worst ever?

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Was Lebron James 07 Finals team the worst ever?

I was recently called out by someone for saying Lebron 2007 Finals team was hopeless, and I then looked at the roster again and realised this might be the worst roster to ever make the finals?

I know Lebron was a star but the others not quite sure? We are talking about Wesley, Larry Hughes, Gooden, Scot Pollard, Ira Newble no wonder the Spurs went 4 Zip!

Is there a worst finals team or is this it?????

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I dont know about the worst

I dont know about the worst ever team to make the finals....But they had the WORST BACKCOURT EVER.. IRA NEWBLE & ERIC SNOW.......LEBRON DROVE them to the finals

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worst supporting cast for a

worst supporting cast for a finals team thats for sure.

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Worst I have ever seen in

Worst I have ever seen in the last 20+ years. They didn't play anybody in the first 2 rounds and then Detroit collapsed in the conference finals. Cleveland wouldn't have gotten out of the first round in the west and they were arugably the worst team the SPurs played in the playoffs that year.

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Couldn't agree more with you on that... LOL... I can't even believe Hughes and Z made a Finals appearance in their career... Even Varejao... But kudos to LeBron James for that simple dominance against the Pistons PLUS Boobie's hot shooting... He cherished it while it lasted...

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the ref was the sixth man that year

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That was one of the sorriest teams I have ever seen in a finals. Lebron had no help at all so all the Spurs did was focus their attention on him and they won. Seems like what happened last year. Oh well, this years team is probably going to be Lebron's best since he has been a Cav, but that still doesn't say too much and unfortunately for the Cavs fans, this team has very limited potential and can only get worse after this year, especially if Lebron goes, because it seems like no one is willing to go to Cleveland now even though they are a good team and are willing to spend.

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They still had Big Z & Hughes at good health is ok.

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They have the worst front

They have the worst front office of all time. They've had 7 years to build a team around Lebron and have been allowed to go pretty deep into the luxury tax...and the best lineup they can do consists of 38 year old shaq, mo williams, and a bunch of players who would ride the bench on most teams.

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