oh what the hell

its time to feed my cougars a appetizer. and after that i will like to order the special come week 7.

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lol that is more like it
lol that is more like it
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im back, pump, and ready to go.

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“Of course it’s on your mind,

“Of course it’s on your mind, but at the same time you really can’t do much about it,” Gibson said. “You know you should have the agent take care of that, let the front office take care of that, so all you really have to focus on is playing basketball. That’s what you can control.”xafa232323

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“Losing like that makes you

“Losing like that makes you realize even if you are doing enough, you aren’t doing enough,” Granger said. “You have to push that much harder and pay attention that much more to game film. You really have to be more of a student of the game to beat teams in the playoffs.”

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