im interested in getting a qb

make me some offers.

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“Of course it’s on your mind,

“Of course it’s on your mind, but at the same time you really can’t do much about it,” Gibson said. “You know you should have the agent take care of that, let the front office take care of that, so all you really have to focus on is playing basketball. That’s what you can control.”mhgfg

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After just four preseason

After just four preseason games, players are still learning more about one another and where they need to be on the court, catching onto instincts and inclinations. No one was fully pleased with Tuesday's effort – the first half was excruciating at times, and the offense still needs work – but at least they're recognizing the glitches.

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Many NBA fans know to go at

Many NBA fans know to go at least one level deeper when looking at stats, taking into account a player’s PER, or Player Efficiency Rating. Even there, however, Harden ranks just 30th in the NBA, and there are a lot of players who ranked above him who are not close to being max contract players. Nope, we have to keep digging.

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