8th Seed

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8th Seed

Now this may be a little pre-mature
But whose going to get the 8th seed?
West? East?

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clippers and Suns will

clippers and Suns will battle it out in the west for that 8th seed and Sixers Pacers will battle it out in the east

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clippers, if they're good

clippers, if they're good enough to get to the cusp of it, then baron will be good and will therefore will them to the playoffs. clips can be good, its just about attitude and commitment.

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baron davis is good every second year...

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I think Memphis will get the

I think Memphis will get the 8 seed in the west and Chicago in the East.

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Clippers - On paper and

Clippers - On paper and based on talent, this team is better than an eight seed. They're loaded. Baron Davis and Eric Gordon in the backcourt. Al Thornton, Blake Griffin and Chris Kaman in the front court. They have key bench players in Marcus Camby, DeAndre Jordan, Sebastian Telfair, Rasual Butler and Steve Novak. Winning the lottery and selecting Griffin has sent a good vibe through the entire organization and the fans. The team now has more chemistry, focus and dedication. Each player was dedicated to conditioning this past summer and coming to camp in shape. We'll see a different team this season. They'll run more and play better defense. I think they'll get off to a great start.

Pacers - I like the addittion of Dahntay Jones. This team needs that toughness. TJ Ford is in a contract year and set to breakout. This is his year. He's finally "the man" at point guard and has been given the keys to the team. Expect Danny Granger to be even better this season with a renewed committment to playing defense. The improvement of Brandon Rush and Roy Hibbert will be major. They'll be a better defensive team this season.

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what tezo said ^ I like the

what tezo said ^

I like the Warriors to fight too

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