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Lebron is not that skilled just strong and athletic. He won't ever win a championship people please stop comparing him and kobe not even close he's not even close to wade.He will b a role player soon as he loses that athletic ability cuz his skills r limited very over rated that's why his team lost to the magic he wanted to do everything on o and nothing on d. He didn't guard turk or rashard they had west on turk while lebron guarded alston. Look up the stats of player of what they did a year b4 playing with lebron and you will see all their major stats go down because he wants to do everything instead of letting his team play their roles he's been all hype since highschool athletic ability is there but the skills r lacking. These r just my thoughts I would take roy, kobe, wade, melo, and durant over lebron they all have more skill and don't dominate the ball as much take away that strength and hops and lebron would be an average player so don't say best just say VERY athletic not skilled... PS he needs to start shaking hands sore loser he shakes hands when he wins but not after loses its not like he thought they were going to win magic won 4 out of 6 games

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come on man, I'm not a

come on man, I'm not a lebron fan, but give him his due respect. He was the rightful mvp last season and the cavs losing should not be pinned on him. It's one thing to discredit a player, but you are just sounding like a hater.

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Haha this is kinda a dumb

Haha this is kinda a dumb post, if u just take away D howards athleticism all u would have is some big guy with no post moves, if u take it away from nate robinson hed be bagging groceries. You dont think kobe relied on athleticism at the beginning of his career?

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Ur not a Genious : P

Man Lebron is the reigning MVP dude, man Lebron got a hopeless team to the finals a few years back and that team had no one but Lebron, while Wade and Kobe need dominant Big men to get past the first round especially WADE (even though he is a great player) and if you watch Lebron at the start of games he is always trying to get his team involved! Give Lebron Kobes team and he would do just as well. I think your just hating!

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Lmao Say Wat U Want Lebron

Lmao Say Wat U Want Lebron Is A Natural Born Killer Hand Down Point Blank, Aint A Dude On This Earth Who can Stop Dat Man

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Im not a Lebron fan and even

Im not a Lebron fan and even I know he has skill. Does his athletism help his game out alot yes. Is he has skilled as Kobe no but he is more skilled than 90% of the players in the league. And when he gets older he wont just be a role player he wont be as good as a old Kobe but he will still be a allstar player and the best player for what ever team he playes on.

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your an idiot

your an idiot

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NO skills??

he can shoot,drible run a point, he is might the best SF playmaker ever..and so on so on...

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One of the dumbest posts I

One of the dumbest posts I ever read on this site.

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I mean, I kinda...wait no, I really don't understand what the hell you're saying. I don't like LeBron that much, but like as others say he probably is the best SF. As for JJ7 you are quite an idiot too. LeBron does have help when he was in the finals. Wade & Kobe are very good, personally I would pick them over LeBron, Wade should have been the MVP last year and Kobe scoring 81. In the end though JJ7 and the topic starter are both in fact egnoramouses and LeBron is better than that.

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