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P.S. You say D Hamp isn't the greatest mind. Cool, no prob! Challenge him by making your predictions for the season. 1-8 playoff teams in both conferences, MVP, ROY, DPOY, Sixth man of the year, coach of the year, comeback player, top 10 scores, rebounds, etc. This will prove who has the most knowledge on the site. Much love to everyone.

1. L.A Lakers* 2. Dallas* 3. Portland* 4. Denver 5. San Antonio 6. New Orleans 7. Pheonix 8. Utah

1. Cleveland* 2. Orlando* 3. Boston* 4. Atlanta 5. Washington 6. Toronto 7. Miami 8. Detroit

MVP: LeBron James
ROY: Brandon Jennings
DPOY: LeBron James
Six Man: Jason Terry
Most Improved: Greg Oden
Come Back Player: Gilbert Arenas
Coach of the Year: Flip Saunders

Scoring Leaders
1. Dwayne Wade 2. Lebron James 3. Kevin Durrant 4. Kevin Martin 5. Al Jefferson 6. Danny Granger 7. Carmelo Anthony 8. Brandon Roy 9. Chris Paul 10. Dirk Nowitzki

Rebounding Leaders
1. Dwight Howard 2. Al Jefferson 3. Andris Biedrins 4. Chris Bosh 5. David Lee 6. Troy Murphy 7. Al Horford 8. Emeka Okafor 9. Andrew Bogut 10. Amar'e Stoudemire

Assist Leaders
1. Chris Paul 2. Steve Nash 3. Jason Kidd 4. Deron Williams 5. Rajon Rondo 6. LeBron James 7. Raymond Felton 8. Gilbert Arenas 9. Jose Calderon 10. Chauncey Billups

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First post I see... Welcome

First post I see... Welcome to the site.

You don't think Kobe will be in the top ten in scoring? That's a bold predicition.

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Thanks for the welcome.
I think Artest will take some points away, Bynum taking another step in development, and Kobe being more of a passer with Fisher declining. I bet thats way too much thought put into it, lol.

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West: 1.Lakers, 2.Denver,


1.Lakers, 2.Denver, 3.Dallas, 4.San Antonio, 5.Portland, 6.New Orleans, 7.Utah, 8.Phoenix


1.Celtics, 2.Cavailers, 3.Orlando, 4.Atlanta, 5.Detroit, 6.Miami, 7.Washington, 8.Chicago

MVP: Lebron James
ROY: Johnny Flynn
DPOY: Dwight Howard
Sixth Man: Jamal Crawford
Most Improved: Kendrick Perkins
Coach Of The Year: Doc Rivers
Finals MVP: Rajon Rondo

Scoring Leaders: 1.Dwyane Wade 2.Lebron James 3.Kevin Durant 4.Dirk Nowitzki 5.Gilbert Arenas 6.Carmello Anthony 7.Brandon Roy 8.Kobe Bryant 9.Al Jefferson 10.Joe Johnson

Rebounding Leaders: 1.Dwight Howard 2.Kevin Garnett 3.Amare Stoudemire 4.Chris Bosh 5.Al Jefferson 6.Andris Biedrins 7.Greg Oden 8.Troy Murphy 9.Tim Duncan 10.David Lee

Assist Leaders: 1.Chris Paul 2.Rajon Rondo 3.Deron Williams 4.Derrick Rose 5.Steve Nash 6.Jason Kidd 7.Lebron James 8.Dwyane Wade 9.Jose Calderon 10.TJ Ford

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west 1lakers 2denver

1lakers 2denver 3portland 4dallas 5san antonio 6utah 7NO 8phoenix
1celtics 2cavs 3magic 4Atlanta 5Toronto 6washington 7philli 8chicago

mvp:Lebron james
ROY:blake griffen
DPOY: dwight howard
Sixth man: Ben Gordon
Most improved:JR Smith OR (gilbert arenas but idk if thatll count... if it does i get this)
Coach of Year:Phil Jackson
Finals Mvp: lebron james

scoring leaders: 1kevin durant 2 dwayne wade 3 lebron james 4 danny granger 5 kobe bryant 6 carmelo anthony 7 Al jefferson 8 kevin martin 9 Drik nowitzki 10 Amare stoudemire

rebounding leaders: 1dwight howard 2 Al jefferson 3 andreis beidrins 4 troy murphy 5 david lee 6 marcus camby 7 tim duncan 8 kevin love 9 chris bosh 10 amare stoudemire

assist leaders: 1chris paul 2 deron williams 3 steve nash 4 jason kidd 5 rajon rondo 6 jose calderon 7 baron davis 8 lebron james 9 dwayne wade 10 derrick rose

also this should be stickied somewhere

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