Alexis Ajinca

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Alexis Ajinca

This is a guy I have seen very little of, but he seems like he has a ton of potential. When I saw him play last year, he seemed like an athleitc 7 footer who had some solid post moves. So far in 3 games this preseason, he has played 16 minutes per game, shot 12-23 from the field, getting 6 boards per, 2 blocks per and 9.7 pts per. He is still just 21 years old. I think there is a chance the Bobcats play him more now with Okafor and May gone and Tyson always having injury problems. Do you guys have any opinion on him?

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Ive also seen little of

Ive also seen little of him, but I think his IQ needs to develop

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I want to see him get

I want to see him get stronger and put on weight, but I do believe that he's talented offensively. He'll be a good shot-blocker with his length but he needs weight to defend man-to-man down low. He's a guy that's so raw that I will wait to see before making a true opinion about him.

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He's very raw. The Bobcats

He's very raw. The Bobcats have to make a decision on whether to pick up his option or not. I think they should. He's tall and has amazing length. I think with added weight and strength, he could be a very good defender and respectable offensive threat.

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7'0 With Amazing Winsgpan

Alexis is so raw and has yet to develop a post game... He played in Europe and you can tell that he is still far from being a complete player... He averaged 5 ppg and 6 rpg considering a guy this big he could've had a double-double but in time, he will transform into a physical specimen that I expect him to be, that is if he can have the DwightHowardesque work ethic...

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