okay, thought i should start up some raptor talk.

What do you all think of their post season play so far?
-Sonny Weems looks like a pretty good player, good shot, good athleticism, and looks smart
-Demar looks raw and will be a work in progress
-Bellinelli is quite horrible on defense and only looks for himself on offense, doesnt pass to Bosh/Bargnani when they have deep post position
-Jack looks great out there defending great and usually leading the fast break.

Whats Toronto's depth chart look like?
they have many guys who play multiple positions so its very difficult to figure out...
PG's: Calderon, Jack, Banks
SG's: Bellinelli, Jack, Douby, Derozan, Weems, Wright
SF's: Turkoglu, Derozan, Wright
PF's: Bosh, Johnson, Evans, Bargnani
C's: Bargnani, Bosh, Nesterovic, O'Bryant

this is not the depth chart, just who can play what positions in no order.

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