Javale Mcgee vs. Deandre Jordan

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Javale Mcgee vs. Deandre Jordan

Who do you like more out of these potential laden centers? Who will be better down the line and why?

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DeAndre Jordan. He has that

DeAndre Jordan. He has that size you just can't teach. He has shown good flashes of his talent this pre-season and will be one of the most dominant centers in a few years.

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I'll go Jordan by a hair, I

I'll go Jordan by a hair, I don't think Jordan will ever be as skilled as McGee but he should be more dominant as he gets stronger. Similar to how Dwight Howard is more powerful and dominant than Andrew Bynum, but Bynum is alot more skilled.

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If both players were to

If both players were to reach their maximum potential, I'm going with McGee. Both players are extremely athletic, but McGee is taller, longer, more fluid and runs the floor better. He's gotten a lot bigger just from last season and I see the potential for him to add even more weight to his frame. He has so much skill offensively... He can shoot and put the ball on the floor. I also see him being a terrific weakside defender and shot blocker, similar to Marcus Camby. If he continues to improve his IQ and get stronger, I think he could be a great player.

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great question, personally i

great question, personally i LOVE both of these centers and think they're both very underrated, not stars yet...but deserve more credit for the things they CAN bring to an NBA team, if i had to pick one though...i'd go with DeAndre Jordan mainly because i think he brings more to the table, hes a better rebounder, and may not be the shot blocker McGee...but hes capable of swatting a couple anyway

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hyes he is 1-2inches smaller but he weights 20lbs more he is way stronger , he looks like grown man and he is still same athletic(if not more athletic) and Javale isn't longer DeAndre is samu FREAKISH long with 7'6" wings..that's way he is one of the bests rebounders and shot-blockers is the league from his year 1

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