CJ Giles

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CJ Giles

The former Kansas and Oregon State player just got into the "naturalization" thing that is going on in the world of basketball. It has been a common thing in the world today... Guys like JR Holden (Russia), Rasheim Wright(Jordan) and Jackson Vroman (Lebanon) has been naturalized and CJ Giles just joined the party. He was recently tapped by the Philippine National Team in hopes of trying to get a bid at the 2012 Olympics with their new coach Serbian Rajko Toroman who previously helped Iran with Hamed Ehadadi. The Philippines have been longing for glory and triumph last found during the 1998 Asian Games... This acquisition gives the Philippine team the size that it truly lack... But with all the issues that CJ Giles had faced before, it's definitely a challenge for the National Team to put their country back into the basketball map.

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I remember a little about

I remember a little about Giles from when he played at Oregon State. All I remember is that he was considered very talented and a major head case. The Beavers are hands down the worst team in the Pac 10 over the last 20 years and Giles was considered one of the more promising talents to have played there. As for him making a dent in the phillippine basketball scene, good luck.

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This is weird! I thought about him the other day for some odd reason. He had alot of physical ability at Kansas, but he always got in trouble and I heard no more about him. But LL says he saw him at Oregon State, that's probably why I haven't seen him anymore. But he had a ton of potential, and I don't think he'll ever reach it now...

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cj giles

Im from seattle so i seen him play for rainer beach at state with terrence williams...he was a beast and when he went to kansas this site had him in the lottery his sophmore year but after his trouble he still got a shot with lakers but I dont know what happened to him.....i guess hes filipino now?

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