Matt Barnes swishes a full-court shot at practice, controversy ensues

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Matt Barnes swishes a full-court shot at practice, controversy ensues

Matt Barnes swishes a full-court shot at practice, controversy ensues
posted by Tania Ganguli on Oct 8, 2009 5:01:32 PM
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A handful of Magic players gathered around the baseline closest to the entrance to the practice court at RDV Sportsplex this afternoon. They chattered over each other as they tried to figure out the exact parameters of the bet.

"Double it if you make it! Double it!"

The deal was, they'd all stand outside that baseline and shoot to the basket on the opposite end of the court. Whoever hit the backboard would get $100 dollars from the rest of the participants. Today Jason Williams suggested they double that if someone made the shot.

Or was it, if someone hit the backboard and made it?

That distinction became important a few seconds later.

Matt Barnes was up first. He stepped back and launched the ball into a perfect arc over the court. It swished neatly through the basket and everybody watching erupted.

"OHHHHHH!!!!" was the dominant sound afterward from Barnes, from his teammates, from the nearby media -- I just stood there with my jaw hanging open.

Then something occurred to Jason Williams.

"It didn't hit the backboard!" he cried, jumping around. "It didn't hit the backboard!"

And that argument began.

Nobody else came close to even hitting the backboard. Anthony Johnson's attempt was so short, Vince Carter asked, "Did that even reach the free throw line?" Williams didn't make it. Dwight Howard didn't make it, though he threw the ball like a discus. Rashard Lewis didn't make it either.

"What was the bet?" I asked Williams about 20 minutes later just before he left the facility.

"Just to see who can hit the backboard," Williams said. "But he didn’t hit the backboard."

So you're not paying him?

"I’m going to have to do something for him because he made it.”

But he didn't win the bet?

"No, he didn't hit the backboard."

When Barnes emerged from the backrooms of RDV, I informed him I'd been told he didn't actually win the bet.

"No, no I won it," Barnes said. "Half the guys have paid off already. Usually what we do is we throw it off the backboard. Whoever hits the backboard gets 100 dollars. J-Will said if anyone makes it, you can double it.

"I won 1,000. Good way to end the day."

Here's a video catching the late end of the shot from You can't see that Barnes took the shot, but you can see Williams' reaction.

Couple of other notes from practice:

- Barnes rolled his right ankle during practice. He said it was nothing major, and looked to be able to move around on it pretty well most of the time. He still did everything in practice. This happened before the shot, by the way and he said since his plant foot was fine, it didn't alter his shot.

- Pietrus reaggravated his right ankle, the same one he hurt during training camp. He said he stepped on someone. He didn't practice today.

- Stan Van Gundy said he's not sure how he'll play tomorrow's lineup given that a couple of guys are banged up.

- Van Gundy said Rashard Lewis will play a little bit of power forward, but more at the small forward position on Friday against Houston.

- Dwight Howard will drop the puck at tonight's Tampa Bay Lightning game.

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lol thats cheap.

lol thats cheap.

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