its time to put the wife and kids to bed

because daddy gotta go and make people pay.its time to make gatorheels kiss the rings. lol j/k

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lol what rings?

lol what rings?

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It was a frustrating time for

It was a frustrating time for Evans, the vice president of the National Basketball Players Association, and the rest of the NBPA’s executive committee. However, after 160 stressful days, the two sides would agree to a deal and ratify a new collective bargaining agreement to save the 2011-12 NBA season.

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By now, most NBA fans are

By now, most NBA fans are familiar with the concept of Money Ball, which was made famous to casual sports fans by the movie of the same name. It’s also no secret to most NBA fans that general managers like OKC’s Sam Presti and Houston’s Daryl Morey are disciples of the statistical side of player analysis. The question we should be asking, then, is how far do we have to dig into the mountain of stats to find something that makes Harden look like a max player?

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