NBA Championship Odds

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NBA Championship Odds

I checked out a sports betting site to see who the oddsmakers liked this year. No big surprises. Lakers at the top. I figured people here might be interested, so I ranked the teams according to their betting odds of winning a championship this year. After that I split them into conferences with hypothetical seedings. So here's all that stuff.

Entire League:
1. LA Lakers
2. Boston Celtics
3. Cleveland Cavaliers
4. San Antonio Spurs
5. Orlando Magic
6. Denver Nuggets
7 & 8. Portland Trailblazers/Utah Jazz (Tied)
9 & 10. Dallas Mavericks/ Houston Rockets (Tied)
11. New Orleans Hornets
12. Miami Heat
13. Detroit Pistons
14. Chicago Bulls
15. Atlanta Hawks
16 & 17. Philadelphia 76ers/Phoenix Suns (Tied)
18. Washington Wizards
19 & 20. New York Knicks/Toronto Raptors
21. LA Clippers
22, 23, 24, 25 & 26. Charlotte Bobcats/Indiana Pacers/Memphis Grizzlies/NJ Nets/OKC Thunder
27. GS Warriors
28, 29 & 30. Milwaukee Bucks/Minnesota Timberwolves/Sacramento Kings

Eastern Conference:
1) Boston Celtics
2) Cleveland Cavaliers
3) Orlando Magic
4) Miami Heat
5) Detroit Pistons
6) Chicago Bulls
7) Atlanta Hawks
8) Philadelphia 76ers
Washington Wizards
New York Knicks/Toronto Raptors
Charlotte Bobcats/Indiana Pacers/New Jersey Nets
Milwaukee Bucks

Western Conference:
1) LA Lakers
2) San Antonio Spurs
3) Denver Nuggets
4 & 5) Portland Trailblazers/Utah Jazz
6 & 7) Dallas Mavericks/ Houston Rockets
8) New Orleans Hornets
Phoenix Suns
LA Clippers
OKC Thunder/Memphis Grizzlies
Golden State Warriors
Minnesota Timberwolves/Sacramento Kings

I didn't like seeing my T-wolves at the very bottom with the likes of the Kings and Bucks. I guess it's firm but fair. Thoughts? Comments? Beefs?

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the grizzlies are in the

the grizzlies are in the western conference

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grizzlies are in wrong

grizzlies are in wrong conference. raptors are way to low. the heat, pistons and rockets are entirely too high. pistons and rockets might not even make the playoffs, just dont see why you have them ranked infront of raps, suns, hawks, bulls who are much better...

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Washington will make the

Washington will make the playoffs and I don't see the 76ers making it

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why are people ripping on

why are people ripping on the thread starter? he said these were the betting odds he looked up, not his own opinion. So maybe he got the grizz in the wrong confernece, sometimes I forget they're even in the league. Give him a break.

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I duno how anyone can

I duno how anyone can justify the Rockets back in the Artest, Yao and probably no McGrady...Who's going to score for this team? Battier? Scola?
I also don't understand the lack of love washington and toronto, they really upgraded their teams this year and I would definitely put money on them taking philly's and detroit's spot in the playoffs.

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My bad on the Grizz. Like I

My bad on the Grizz. Like I said, the list is just a ranking of each team's odds to win a championship if you were going to bet on them today. For example: The Lakers were listed as 1/2 odds while the T-Wolves were listed at 1/150. I just looked at the odds and put the teams in order. The rankings aren't my personal list or anything.

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Houstons not even making the playoffs

Houston is not even going to see the playoffs T-Mac and Yao is gone..if people really think Ariza is the savior please hes good but hes not that great.

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i dont think Washingtons

i dont think Washingtons worse than Miami Arenas is amazing when healthy and they have alot of good players beside him their too low.

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what are the odds though for

what are the odds though for the teams, out of curiosity

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