Hilton Armstrong potentially not a bust?!

I have always liked Hilton Armstrong to become a solid defensive center in the NBA, but he has done very little to prove that he is not just another atheltic 6'11'' bust. Still one of those guys with a lot of potential, that hasn't put it together. I read this on insider today, and thought it was interesting. If Armstrong (now backing Okafor) and Wright (now the starting sf) can live up to their "potential" labels, can NO be a serious threat in the west??

Rumor has it the Hornets would be wise to dangle Hilton Armstrong at the trade deadline, because his $2.8 million salary off the books will ease New Orleans' luxury-tax bill at season's end.

But the way coach Byron Scott is talking about the oftentimes erratic player, maybe there's hope yet.

"Two things," Scott told the Times-Picayune. "No. 1, his conditioning is fantastic. No. 2, he's just much more aggressive than he has been in the past. And No. 3 is probably his confidence level. Those three things have been pretty evident when you watch him out here playing."

"He's really getting up and down the floor, really sealing people in the post. And when he gets the ball in the post, he's going up strong. That's something we hope he'll do the rest of the season.

They look like a good team on paper right now.

Paul and West are your all-stars who will carry the scoring burden
Wright the "athletic Boris Diaw" starting and an instant offense guy in Peja off the bench
Posey as a lock down perimeter defender
Okafor as a capable center, and potentially Armstrong giving you a Chandler style game off the bench without the injuries
and a solid bench with Mo Pete, Diagu ( still lots of potential ) rookies who played well in summer league ( Collison, and Thornton)

I'm not saying they are the Lakers, but if Wright and Armstrong play to their potential this season, NO could make the west a little more interesting.


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I don't believe Armstrong is

I don't believe Armstrong is going to be that good. Plain and simple. He has never impressed me, and I think he's going to be a 2nd unit, if not end of the bench player who doesnt see alot of playing time. He doesn't rebound and he isnt talented on offense. All he has the ability to do is block shots from weakside, and he isn't anything special at that in the NBA. I dont think him or Julian Wright will have any type of breakout. Wright's only chance is if he gets traded to the Suns or Knicks. They dont have a chance to challenge for even the Conference Finals. They'll get knocked out in the 1st round.

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I don't Know, by no means am

I don't Know, by no means am I sold on Hilton Armstrong becoming the next big thing, but he did show some improvement last year when Chandler was out. If he could even be a 7 5 and 1 guy off the bench next year that would be a big boost to NO

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he had more playing time. Plus I like his name for some reason....

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Hilton Armstrong

I cant find the article right now, i'll post the link when i find it but Armstrong spent part of his summer in San Francisco working out with Blake and Taylor Griffen and the crazy trainer that everyone was talking about this summer. Not that it automatically makes you a great player but it does show that Hilton is putting forth the effort to try and become a better player. Hopefully its all for the best and he takes a few steps forward this year

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I think Armstrong may be

I think Armstrong may be someone that will be at least a solid Center option. He is a player that took a long time to develop at UConn but he became a good player and I think the same can happen with him in the NBA if he works hard like he appears he is doing. Wright is more a player without a position but once he figures where he needs to play he will be a beast. Also people don't sleep on Thornton

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