Wizards Training Camp Observations

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Wizards Training Camp Observations

NOTE: I must say, the Wizards Stength and Conditioning guy did a great job, everyone on their squad looked in great shape and stronger (well except Javale McGee, but we'll get into that later).

Gilbert Arenas looks like he's lost weight, but he does look stronger and he should be ready for a big-time season. You could see the fire in his eyes. I think he'll be in MVP discussions, with the way they'll rebound from last year and his predicted production from me.

Antwaan Jamison looked bigger and provided a lot of everything (except D) as usual.

Caron Butler is looking good.

Mike Miller and Randy Foye look good, especially Miller and he should be the starter. He probably could play some PG for them if they chose to play him there in spurts by how he was passing and handling. Foye looked good in the pick and roll and is a good slasher.

Brendan Haywood has always sucked to me, and he looked no different today lol. He played OK at times, and looked like Samuel Dalembert (the bad Sammy D) other times.

Javale McGee is soft and his IQ is too low. Mike James pushed him completely off the block on one post attempt. Yes, the old PG Mike James. He needs more moves and strength, but he's a great athlete for a big.

Nick Young is easily my 2nd favorite player in the NBA. His offensive game (esp. his jumper) is cash. The announcer even said "I dont think Nick Young has missed a shot out there today." But he is an atrocious defender still, he gets lost every time off ball and he isn't good on the ball either. That will limit his PT with them, but he clearly has #1 or 2 option talent offensively so they should trade him.

Dominic McGuire is a good player to me too. He can play any position from PG-PF, and he has a mid-range game now. He still isn't going to be much of a scorer, but he provides everything else (esp. perimeter D).

Andray Blatche clearly has all the talent in the world, but he needs to polish his perimeter and post game to get better .

DeShawn Stevenson isn't much anymore. He looks to have completely fallen out of the Wizards rotation with the addition of the all the guys and the continued emergence of Nick Young.

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DeShawn Stevenson

DeShawn looks to be the next Starbury, with all of his crazy tattoos and whatnot. I mean, COME ON you just tatted a dead president on your throat.

My theory about the Lincoln tattoo on his neck is that he is planning to be assassinated this season, just as Lincoln was assassinated. Effectively, he'll be remembered more as a GOOD PERSON than a washed-up, cocky, underachieving basketball player.


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lol thumbs up

lol thumbs up

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Aside from that... He'll forever be remembered at as the only player being compared to Michael Jordan...LOL!

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Nick Young

This guy has to get 25 mins a game minimum this year or they need to trade him. He is too good to be sitting on the bench. I watched the Wizards Real Training Camp last night, it was almost a shock if he missed a shot. Not only does he make everything, his shots hardly ever even touch the rim. I think he could easily be a JR Smith type for them. I do feel for Flip though, he's going to have a tough time managing minutes on the wings between Mike Miller, Caron Butler, Nick Young, Jamison, and Foye and Arenas will probably play a little 2 as well

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