My Top 5 Toughest Arenas

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My Top 5 Toughest Arenas

Take Note: MY... It is my choice of top 5 toughest arenas to be in... The home crowd will always play a factor in an NBA game... The fans are what keep the NBA Teams afloat in the land of the giants... All the NBA Teams have fierce home crowds but I would like to let you know which home arena has the toughest in my opinion...

5. Oracle Arena - Home of the Golden State Warriors... Forget that the Warriors are losing so many games. The fact is that the crowd is just wild... Proof? The 2007 Playoffs. They went wild against the Dallas Mavericks... You can just measure the decibels... You can't really hear anything... But on ordinary games, fans would still support the Warriors even if they're not playoff contenders... These fans deserve better and I hope the Warriors won't have to wait another 13 painful years before another playoff appearance.

4. United Center- Home of the Chicago Bulls... Forgive me... You might say I am a little biased but the Bulls fans just keep on rockin' every night. They have a great fan base there and is a pretty much nerve-racking time to play in front of rowdy Chicagoans. The Jordan era was filled with such and it is about to come back again with the Derrick Rose era.

3. Palace of Auburn Hills- Home of the Detroit Pistons... The Pistons has had success in terms of winning and gaining fans... They had 6 1/2 seasons of sold-out games and the fans were pretty much unbelievable. I think their streak was broken last season especially when they weren't winning too many games. Still, Detroit fans are the toughest... Not to mention the infamous Brawl in 2004.

2. Madison Square Garden- Home of the New York Knicks... You might be wondering why I didn't put MSG at number 1... Simple... It is the home of the New York Knicks... The fans would come out but some would support LeBron/Kobe/Wade if they play there. The Knicks fans have been waiting too long for the agony to go away. Let's just hope they will find their so-called "Savior" in no time. They deserve to have a good team. As for the Garden to be in the top 5 in my list, definitely has to be here... It is the Mecca of Basketball. It has been part of every tradition at Madison Square Garden... Kobe's 61... MJ's 55... LeBron's 52 and almost triple double... and of course... we can't forget Patrick Ewing's dominance...

1. Energy Solutions Arena (formerly Delta Center)- Home of the Utah Jazz... Wait... Here me out why I pick this arena as the toughest. Simply, the fans are amazing. The arena just create a certain energy where an opponent can just feel the chill up the spine. The crowd is loud and rowdy. The arena is filled with so much anticipation. I still remember the Finals between the Jazz and the Bulls and as a Bulls fan, I was having a hard time figuring out how in the world would MJ make his free throws with those all-white balloons running up the backboard? Still, the Energy Solutions arena, even up to now... Gives me the feeling that it is the toughest in the NBA.

We all have different takes here... So I would like to know which arenas are the toughest for you... Thanks a lot..


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#1 THunder!!!

The Fans are so good there! no matter what result, they give some noise everytime

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I think the Staples Center

I think the Staples Center and the Celtic's Arena deserve mention as well.

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I agree with Iggy9 on this

I agree with Iggy9 on this one

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How about the Raptors when they faced the Nets in the playoffs a few years ago and the fans were chanting, " LETS GO RAPTORS, VC SUCKS or " VC SUCKS "

I mean when a crowd is doing to the one player, you can't help notice the intensity

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the knick

alot of the knicks fan are cheering 4 the other teams best player i dont like that id do that for 2 teams only
blazers/cavs but never rout agianst my blazers ever!!!! and if that was the case i just cheer for the hell of it that crazy routin in a knicks jersey 4 lakers or magics never

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hah i love how your acting

hah i love how your acting like Utah Jazz was a crazy choice.....its pretty well known in the NBA that Utah is by far the toughest place to play....I would put Golden State # 2 with possibly MSG overtaking it with a playoff team

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I don't think Madison Square

I don't think Madison Square Garden should be there It has a ton of tradition but most opposing players, especially the greats, love playing there. I mean you are using Kobe's, MJ's and LeBron's dominance there as an example of how tough it is.

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in the early 2000's it was

in the early 2000's it was sacramento
i read in shaqs autobiography that their arena was always the loudest and the craziest and how he and the team hated playing there

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Gota give the rose garden

Gota give the rose garden some love

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celtics and lakers arena

the only reason why you are mentioning them is cause they won alot of championships but trust when they suck their fans are not chanting for them the post is the toughest arena to play in no matter what there record is and i agree till 4 and 5 the bull arena when jordan was there was great now not so much i would put the rose garden living near it i should know at 4 then at 5 there could be alot of teams there because thats when it really rounds out

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