Top 10 Dukies That Starred in College but not in the NBA

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Top 10 Dukies That Starred in College but not in the NBA

The title is maybe too long but nevermind...LOL

College fans enjoy despising Duke, thanks to some grating players and an enviable level of success. If it's any consolation to Duke Haters, however, the success these high school and college stars often ends when they leave the cozy confines of Durham. Need proof? Here are 10 big name Devils who disappointed in the NBA.

10. Christian Laettner - a lone non-superstar in the 1992 Olympic Dream Team and a hero to the 1991 and 1992 Duke Championship team... The reason why I put him in the top 10 is, he never became the player that I thought he would have been and that is a perennial All-Star/Superstar... He did have solid numbers throughout his career but not enough to take him out of the top 10.

9. Danny Ferry- the current GM of the Cavaliers was a long time Duke Blue Devil who starred for the team through 1986-1989... He was touted to be a "superstar" but never really pan out after being drafted by the Clippers and refuse to play for them. He eventually went to the Cavaliers where he never lived up to the #2 pick...

8. Cherokee Parks - this tattoo-built center had a great career at Duke but could only muster a career season of 7.1 ppg and 5.5 rpg while playing for the T'Wolves during the 97-98 season... tsk..tsk...

7. Roshown McLeod- A 6'8 gifted athlete but lasted only 3 seasons in the NBA...

6. Shavlik Randolph - Though he's still in the NBA... He's sitting at the near end of the bench...

5. Mark Alarie- A Duke star in the 80's... Just imagine Mike Dunleavy Jr. type who averaged 29.9 ppg while in HS and continued to display brilliance while at Duke... Sadly, he never panned out as his best season was an uninspiring 10.5 ppg and 4.6 rpg before calling it quits due to knee injury.

4. Shelden Williams- A dominating presence in the paint and simply put one of the best college players ever... Take note... College players... not in the NBA... The only thing this guy did right while in the NBA was marrying Candace Parker...

3. William Avery- A quick guard with good handles... He was part of the Elton Brand-Corey Maggette dominance back in 1999... Though he was a lottery pick, he ended up being a bust...

2. Trajan Langdon- Could have been the ascendant of Gilbert Arenas but never really pan out... A great shooter at Duke but in the NBA? uh..oh.. 39% shooting from the field? Yikes... He was out by the league after 3 disappointing years.

1. JJ Redick- the ACC's leading scorer until Tyler Hansbrough broke it recently. He was one of the top Duke prospects and was the go-to scorer for Coach K... But sadly, it was clear that if he is to be defended by a better athletic guard, everyone knows he's gonna have a long night. True enough... His game didn't translate in the NBA and has struggled to find consistent minutes... But you know what, there's always a place for a guy who can shoot...

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Bobby Hurley should be on

Bobby Hurley should be on that list...Some other guys u might wanna consider

Alaa Abdelnaby-think he was on those Danny Ferry teams
DeMarcus Nelson
Billy McCaffery-think he had more success at Vanderbilt,but i dont think he was even drafted
Taymon Domzalski-think he was a McDonalds All AMerican and played briefly in the NBA

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Bobby Hurley

I'm by no means a Duke fan, can't stand them to be honest. But let's leave Bobby Hurley off this list due to the fact that his career was brought to an end very early due to a horrific automobile accident. He was by no means an all-star level player at the time but lets not call a person who had no control over his career ending early a bust.

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McRoberts should be on there

McRoberts should be on there over Laettner. At least Laettner managed to have a long career, regardless of how unspectacular it was.

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McRoberts was an

McRoberts was an underachiever in college..that's probably why he wasn't listed. And he was a 2nd round pick.

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I am a duke fan, so obviously I am biased, and I will admit that many players have not worked out in the NBA. Lets not act like other schools haven't had NBA busts as well, UNC for instance. Its not like Duke hasn't produced good NBA talent. Grant Hill, Boozer, Brand, Duhon, Battier, Maggette and Dahntay Jones all have been good NBA players.

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Shavlik Randolph

He definetely didn't star at Duke so he shouldn't be on here.

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number 1 should be jay

number 1 should be jay williams

ps luol deng's pretty good in the nba too

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How can Danny Ferry not be

How can Danny Ferry not be number 1? He was the second pick in the draft and was supposed to be a future all-star in the league. But he was no where close. I doubt he even scored double digits for a season. Also, one guy on your list that really stands out as a bust was William Avery. He left early and coach K made a stink about it saying he wasn't ready. But the draft experts had him as a lottery pick with a very bright future. Looks like Coach was right on that one.

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Shavlik Randolph was

Shavlik Randolph was terrible in college

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