Oh, Monta...

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Oh, Monta...

Ok, so now Monta Ellis is apparently coming around to having Stephen Curry as a part of the Golden State Warriors. I'm irritated by this whole situation because as much as he tries to hide it, it's not a team issue, its a "Monta" issue. I believe he is threatened by a younger player taking his minutes. Brandon Wright and Randolph were drafted in consecutive years and pretty much play the same position. Ellis said nothing, but when someone who gets drafted that plays his position, he speaks out about it. Oh, wait! Curry had 9 assists in a preseason game! he may not take my shots after all! here is what Ellis said on insider today...

Monta Ellis was outspoken about not wanting to play with rookie Stephen Curry at Warriors media day.

But as Curry continues to impress with his court vision, passing and shooting skills, he's starting to make an impression on Ellis.

"He helps me and (Stephen Jackson) a lot," Ellis said to NBA FanHouse. "He takes pressure off of us ... He can draw defenders and he can pass."

Ellis' main concern seemed to be that Curry played the same role as him (a shooter), so there was no way they could coexist. But now that he sees Curry can dish as well -- he had nine assists in the Warriors' fist preseason game -- and makes him better because of that, this mini-feud seems to be a thing of the past. When the matchups work out, expect Don Nelson to use both these two on the court together during the season

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I remember when I told

I remember when I told people that Curry could play point and would be a top point guard, people said I was crazy and did not know what I was talking about. I am kinda sad he did not get drafted by New York. Jordan Hill seems to have talent but I dont know how hard he will work and David Lee should be staying now.

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Yea Curry should be on the

Yea Curry should be on the Knicks and Hill should be with Golden State....But Monta is being a loser. He went from crying about him and Curry not working but when he gets 9 assists in a preseaon game he "helps him alot." What a loser.....

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The thing

The thing that most people make about Stephen Curry is, he is a good shooter/scorer which could spell trouble on Monta's career at GSW... But one thing most people didn't know is that Steph is unselfish to the core... Yes, he may score 30 or more when needed to but there are times where he will settle to 2 points and 9 assists when his team is on a roll... He is a pretty much flexible basketball player and I think that with Ellis they can provide an explosive backcourt but not in terms of winning... but in terms of excitement...

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