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thetruth spits a verse

okay ima getting love more from your wife than you do. if you try to &$#%#[email protected]! wit that i got gunz to end you. got more blow than wind do. and im not even drug dealer or a thug or killer. im just your regular dude who makin moves. got the bob marley like them jamican dudes. but drugs i dont promote it. i just hold it. for my main dude. this for those dudes who remain rude. to my man barack obama. they dont want no drama. your girl so ugly i rather date your grandmoma. anyway back to posting my thoughts and topics. like why tmac and yao cant stay healthy for the rockets, why the alcehmist is always saying bad stuff. ima tired of and mad enough . that i might snap like a snappper to a qb. man sometimes the users on here kill me. but to my dudes d grizzy, birdzilla, gatorheels, qhaynes, sheltown, butidonthavemoney,magicknick and anyone else who i got love for who feel me. stay up where the sun and the clouds do.and tell the haters to stop &$#%#[email protected]!en like when someone fouls you.

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