CJ Miles

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CJ Miles

Injuries his shooting thumb at practice in London. Bad news for the Jazz who have already lost Harpring at the small forward. CJ started for the Jazz last season scoring a carrer high 9.1 ppg. last season. CJ gained muscle in the offseason and was poised to have a breakout season in my opinion. So it looks AK47 will regain his starting role at small forward. The question is who will back up AK. at small forward, Paul Millsap has been practicing at the small forward position. The Jazz have 2 more options on the preseason roster. Paul Harris is a Matt Harpring style player without the offence, but a very physical banger type player on both offence and deffence, in my opinion is what the jazz will lack due to possible retirement of matt harpring. Another option is Ronald Dupree who has nba expeirence and has recently played with the Utah Flash in the D-League, or do the Jazz try to pull of a trade possible boozer.

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their first preseason game

their first preseason game they were gonna go with Miles and AK at the 2-3 spots. But if miles is out(how long?) then either ronnie brewer or Kyle Korver should move into the starting lineup.

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bad for them they might need

bad for them they might need to trade Boozer for depth on the wing.

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yeah ..during the regular

yeah ..during the regular season they plan on going with brewer and cj ..i guess now it will be brewer and ak untill cj gets better

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