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I was just watching an interview with Reggie Evans in Training Camp. This got me thinking. Just taking a quick poll here; which current or former NBAer deserves the honour of "Most mean". By, most mean, I'm saying basketball-wise on the court. A mean player is someone who Would foul someone hard if they needed to and not think twice. Players like Kevin Garnet come to mind. All business when he steps on the court, seldom does he smile and always does he yell at opponents and teammates (Big Baby, lol)

anyway, thoughts?

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Charles Oakley has got that

Charles Oakley has got that title in my books.

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brunce bowen

him dropkickin 2 people in the leugue
wally scerbiak (spell check) and some one else i foreget

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Gotta second Charles Oakley there

just looked like a dude you didnt wanna piss off...Also Bill Laimbeer might be the poster child for mean players,dude would clothsline you if you went hard to the basket

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I will clothesline you

I will clothesline you Lazarus, then do a bellydance whilst singing the Guns n Roses song "Welcome to the Jungle".

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Keneyon Martin is mean too

Keneyon Martin is mean too hes someone you don't wanna mess with.

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The meanest player would have to have been Dennis Rodman. He would do stuff just for the hell of it. Kicking cameramen and hard fouls just because sound pretty mean to me.

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Kenyon Martin and Ron Artest

Kenyon Martin and Ron Artest to me..I remember Kenyon Martin used to be super dirty in his New Jersey days.

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are you serious? most mean

are you serious? most mean is grammatically correct. sort YOUR english out before you insult others.

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definetley rodman, he was so

definetley rodman, he was so much fun to watch, but hands down one of the dirtiest players ever. In todays game it would have to be Artest, who else who go into the stands and straight up beat some ass?

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I don't think there are

I don't think there are enough "mean" players in today's game. Most of the names i thought up were from the 80's and 90's. Pretty much most of the Knicks front court in the mid/late 90's was mean, Mason, Oakely, Larry Johnson even Ewing was pretty mean. I can't think of a lot of current players that are as mean as a lot of those guys. I even remember reading articles in the 90's about how mean and dirty John Stockton was, and running into a pick set by Karl Malone was not something pleasant.

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In today's game, Kendrick

In today's game, Kendrick Perkins is pretty mean. He never smiles and always looks upset. He sets one hell of a screen too... It's borderline dirty. He set a dirty screen on Eric Gordon and knocked him out for 5 games. Reggie Evans is probably the meanest player in the NBA though.

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