My Top 10 Players that Intrigued Me The Most

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My Top 10 Players that Intrigued Me The Most

Here's my top 10 list of NBA Players that has shown flashes of brilliance and has teased us with what they are capable of but sad to say, these players remain unfinished product... I am picking the players that got drafted from 2006-2009. I included 2009 because even if they haven't played a minute yet, there are some who has potential to become great. But like we say a million times, potential is not in the same level as hard work...

10. Tyrus Thomas- The 6'9 pogo stick leaper has teased Bulls fans with his vast potential. He has great hops and athleticism which allows him to blocks shots and be an intimidating presence down low... But his offensive game has yet to come out on a consistent basis.

9. Anthony Randolph- The Warriors knew what it would be getting when they drafted a raw talent like Randolph. He has a shooting touch soft as a feather and his athleticism is great. He has long wingspan that allows him to block shots and play solid defense. Add some more muscles and you will probably be looking at an agile version of Lamar Odom.

8. Brandan Wright- I'm tired of looking at Wright's career filled with so many injuries at a young age. He should have been a big contributor for the Warriors now but O, look, their coach is Don Nelson... Enough Said... Brandan Wright can be described as a 6'9 big man that could be a poor man's Chris Bosh or if he does well, he could be better. But with so many injuries including the recent one... We'll have to wait... AGAIN...

7. Demar Derozan- Derozan's jumping ability has our eyes marked at him since highschool. Though he doesn't have much polished game compared to James Harden, he has the "potential"(mama, there goes that word again!) to be an even greater player if he continues to work hard... He could either have a Vince Carter-like career or end up being Gerald Green's mimic.

6. Sean Williams- The thing about this Bad Boy is, he never gets consistent minutes with the NJ Nets... The reason was because he gets to foul trouble too much. Send him early and he will have 3 fouls in less than 2 minutes. That's because he tends to try and swat away every shot he could see without being careful. The tendency was brought upon when he used to play at BC where he would swat 5 to 7 shots a game. His athleticism was out of this world that's why the Nets took him despite the character issue that he had. I remember one game where he just torched the Knicks for 22 points 13 rebounds and 4 blocks... He even had 8 blocks against the Kings... Other than that... Not much to show for Williams...

5. Nick Young- Nick Young's built is similar to a young Michael Jordan... But I'm not comparing him to MJ... No way... At 6'6 200lbs, hell, he can make a name for himself if only the Wizards will give him enough PT... He has proven at times that he can carry a team but he needs to be consistent...

4. Yi Jianlian- The Chinese forward has shown his perimeter game with the Nets but has yet to prove that he can be a force to be reckoned with that's why he is an intriguing prospect to look at...

3. Thaddeus Young- 6'7 long and athletic... Thaddeus just simply put other teams wagging with his potential (again)... The Sixers shock the world in 2007 when they selected Young 12th overall... Many people thought it was too high but lo and behold he became an exciting player joining with Andre Iguodala and Luo Williams to help the Sixers make it through the playoffs... What he is showing to us is just a scratch of his talent and there could be more in the next years.

2. JaVale McGee- What can I say about this long athletic center... He has the hops and he dunks the ball with so much ease. People get scared when he is the one running the break. He has shown flashes of dominance and has proved that he could be a better version of Tyson Chandler on the open floor with an Andrew Bynum strength. His 1 year experience in the pros should make Brendan Haywoood fight for minutes especially with McGee getting better...

1. DeAndre Jordan- I would go with the center that will be seldom-used by the Clippers... He has a potential of a dominating big man and could have an Andrew Bynum/Raw Dwight Howard like career. He teased us with his ability and athleticism. He had 20 rebounds in his 4th game in the league... He had 23 and 12 against the Lakers (all were dunks) but Bynum had 42 on the other end... So let's forget that one... But still, Jordan can be a beast if he continues to work hard. Joing Blake Griffin and Marcus Camby as his mentor, DeAndre could only get better...

There you have it... The players that are intriguing and could potentially make some noise in the NBA...But that's just me... I could be wrong... But that's what potential is all about, right?

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jason thompson is a player i

jason thompson is a player i like watch great ball handler and passer at pf shoot aloy of threes let hope next year he'll make some next year

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Good Topic-My 10 (no true order)

1. JR Smith-All the talent in the world, and his handles and D (2 things that hold him back) are improving. He has the ability to be a top player. Just has to keep improving

2. Dominic McGuire- He is one of the more versatile players in the NBA, but he isnt going to scpre much and that's his only real weakness. I like the way he plays, he oozes potential.

3. Nick Young- He plays with a style similar to Kobe's, except he's much less intense and competitive. He has a bunch of moves, and the only thing holding him back is D and the fact that Washington keeps slowing his development by adding guys that play his position.

4. Von Wafer- I know he's not in the NBA anymore for now, but he was explosive and could make plays on offense. He was a ball-hog who didnt play D and had an attitude, so he was slowed by that.

5. Javaris Crittenton- The 3rd Wizard player I listed( which shows they have alot of intriguing talent) he is a gifted slasher to the rim. He was a beast in HS and in college as a slasher and defender, he has the ability to stand out. But he has to give up on trying to prove he's a PG.

6. Gerald Green- Why isnt he good?!?! He literally has every single tool you can ask for in a basketball player. He doesnt seem to know that though, and it's messing up his career.

7. Sebastian Telfair- He can't really shoot or score much, or defend (because of his size) but he is a general who makes flashy plays but doesnt turn it over alot. Got my attention after the "Through the Fire."

8. Ike Diogu- Whenever I see him play, he impresses me with his post game. He has a few really nice moves down low. He just cant defend. I think he could be a good player, but he has to learn not to foul.

9. JR Giddens- He's everything Tony Allen was before the injuries, with a jump shot. A flashy, versatile player with tons of athleticism.

10. Corey Brewer- He could be like Trevor Ariza if he's coached right, a player that SG's have nightmare's thinking about how to score on and who PG's try to avoid passing the ball around. He has just that much length and quickness. But they say he lives in the weight room, and has only gained 4 lbs since being drafted. That, along with his inability to develop much of a jumper or handle slows him down.

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I like your list. I'm not

I like your list. I'm not really sold on Sean Williams or Brendan Wright geting too much better. I also don't really see Tyrus Thomas geting a whole lot better either. But everyone else on that list has crazy potential. Jianlian is a huge question mark right now becuase he looked like he had the ability to be a potential all-star his rookie year. But then last year he didn't get much better. I watched DeRozan a lot, and I think he has a chance to be the second best player from this draft behind Blake Griffin. In fact, I had DeRozan as the number 1 player from the PAC ahead of Harden and Hill.

Here are a few guys who I would like to add as for having some serious potential:

Alexis Ajinca. Haven't watched much of him, but he seemed real skilled for a big man and could be one of the reason's the bobcats traded Okafor.

Martell Webster. A beautiful stroke and a great strong body for a 3 man. I think he could become the sf of the future in portland and be something special.

Andrew Bogut. I still think he has so much more to offer. I don't know if he will ever be an all-star, but he should be able to get pretty darn close.

Brandon Rush. I liked what I saw from him. A great stoke and plays under control. Reminds me a little of Glen Rice.

Jeff Teague. He just seems very explosive and could be a great scoring pg in the future. Definitely someone I have my eye on.

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Really good lists, I

Really good lists, I especially like the DeAndre Jordan pick. only one im shaky on is Brandan Wright.

My list

Donte Greene- I thought he could really develop into a poor mans rashard lewis if he can learn to occasionally ignore that little voice that says "Shoot."

Joey Dorsey- Every time i watch this guy play he just dominates the glass, sadly the only times i watch him play are summer league. He could turn into a ben wallace kinda player if he really put in the effort on the court.

Raymond Felton- I cant quite get a read on him, he'll be on fire for 5 games then cold as ice for the next 5. If he could acquire a good midrange/ 3pt jumpshot he could really be a dominant player, hes got blazing speed, pretty slick handles, and a really strong body.

Joey Graham- He was actually pretty good for about a 20 game stretch before the raptors traded for marion. He averaged maybe 16 and 6 for a good 20 games then marion showed up and he just reverted back to old joey. A little consistency could make him a great energy guy or even sixth man if he gets it together.

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i agree with Donte Greene

i agree with Donte Greene hes a great scorer and versatile hes very good.

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For me a player I have been

For me a player I have been following for that reason is CDR. The guy has ideal size and pretty good athleticism for his position and in summer ball and pre-season he can put up points in bunches. I knew he was going to take a couple seasons to really contribute when he was drafted, but he didn't earn much as a rookie. I think he would already be playing decent minutes if he were with a team like Phoenix or New York, but I think he can become a pretty good starter and good scorer in a couple years.

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lol..shooting touch as soft

lol..shooting touch as soft as a feather for randolph...when do we get to see this shooting touch against good comp?..after watching the preseason game yester day i think he needs to work on that feathery shooting touch a tad bit more. cdr looked real good the other day though

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Randolph does have alot of

Randolph does have alot of touch, he might not be accurate when shooting just yet but he has the fundamentals to develop a nice shot. Similar to Josh Smith, he cant really shoot but he has good touch on his shot for future development.

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My top 10 is 10) Blake

My top 10 is
10) Blake Griffin
9) Hasheem Thabeet
8) Anthony Randolph
7) Stephen Curry
6) Brandon Jennings
5) Donte Green
4) Thaddeus Young
3) Tyreke Evans
2) Joey Dorsey
1) CDR

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All 10 players that Fizer

All 10 players that Fizer mentioned are on my list of

"young players i would like to see get traded"

You can have all the potential in the world, but if the fit isnt right it can effect your potential

Also, im glad you mentioned Sean Williams..hes a sleeper..i get to watch alot of Nets games (watch them whenever the Knicks arent playing) and Williams has alot of potential to be a GREAT shot blocker in this league..just needs to cut down on the fouls as you mentioned, Imagine the Nets shot blocking with Brook Lopez and Sean Williams getting 30+ minutes together a night

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