Greg Oden healthy and dominating in camp

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Greg Oden healthy and dominating in camp

By Mike Barrett

As all the practices have, Saturday's had a few very entertaining moments. One in particular stood out. You've heard that Oden has been absolutely dominant at times during training camp, and is quicker, more confident, and just plain better than we've seen him before.

Toward the end of practice Saturday morning, during a drill which involves a three-on-two situation at one end, that turns into a two-on-one at the other, Dante Cunningham decided to challenge Oden at the rim. Oden cuffed the shot attempt in his right hand, and then took off with the ball. Cunningham, in a full sprint (and isn't a slow guy), couldn't catch Oden, who dribbled coast to coast and slammed the ball down with two hands. While maintaining professionalism, the players erupted. Oden, who hung on to the rim and swung completely under, landed, and while laughing, flew up into the air and did a full body bump with Martell Webster. Even the coaches were smiling, as the drill continued, with the next group of players, without missing a beat.

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Ive benn hearing this all

Ive benn hearing this all summer, about how players have been dominating and have become real ballers, now I wanna see atleast a few of them carry this into the regular season.

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I'M ROOTING FOR ODEN to do great this year..AT times last season he looked like his mind was somewhere else..But you could see he's goin to dominate... OH YEAH!!! Another thing that crushed his spirits..WAS the fact that in his 1ST few games..he played the best big men in the league...IN his 1st 8 games of the regular season last year..he had to face..BYNUM, DUNCAN, SHAQ & STOUDAMIRE,BOOZER,YAO MING, JEFFERSON THEN wasn't fair becuz the media attention surrounding those games focus on his matchup wit those guys..And he had missed the entire previous season with an injury..I THINK IF HE remains injury free he'll be this year's defensive player of the year...

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Oden can and will be a

Oden can and will be a beast. I just hopes he does not have any more major injuries anytime soon. I am excited to see what he will do.

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now your catchin on. oden is

now your catchin on. oden is a monster about to bust loose

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3 on 2 - 2 on 1 is the most fun drill..

and odens a beast.. hopefully he can stay healthy all season

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im rooting for him and hope

im rooting for him and hope he does the same thing during the regular and preseason but im not gonna put too much stock into practice and drills just yet

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